Program for Session 17h

Monday 15th August AM: Floor 2 / Meeting Hall IV

17h (Oral): Biogeochemical Cycling of Iron
Session chaired by Kristina Straub, Thilo Behrends, Ed Burton, Stefan Peiffer & Cara Santelli

09:30  Acquisition of Fe by Aerobic Microorganisms: Effects of Fe Oxide Nanoparticle Size
Maurice P, Dehner C, Dubois J & Barton L
09:45  Chemical Speciation of Fe-Rich Colloids and Nanoparticles in the Southern Ocean
von der Heyden B, Roychoudhury A & Myneni S
10:00  Suspended Floc: Links between Microbial Ecology, FeOOH and Trace Element Dynamics
Warren L, Elliott A & Plach J
10:15  Electron Transport Across a Black Smoker Chimney
Nakamura R, Takashima T, Kato S, Takai K, Yamamoto M & Hashimoto K
10:30  Keynote: The Fate of Sorbed Contaminants during the Biogeochemical Cycling of Iron in Natural Environments
Fortin D
11:00  Redox Transformations of Iron in Extremely Low pH Environments: Environmental and Industrial Implications
Johnson B, Kanao T & Hedrich S
11:15  Biogeochemical Cycling of Iron, Sulfur and Carbon in the Nutrient-Rich Meromictic Acid Pit Lake Cueva de la Mora (Spain)
Wendt-Potthoff K, Koschorreck M, Diez Ercilla M & Sánchez Espana J
11:30  As, Fe and S Cycling during Reductive Biomineralisation of Pedogenic Jarosite
Keene A, Johnston S, Burton E & Bush R
11:45  Fast Iron Sulfide Oxidation in a Region of Land Uplift and Artificial Drainage
Åström M, Boman A & Fröjdö S
12:00  Phase Transformation in Simulated Acid Mine Drainage Precipitates
Lindegren M & Lövgren L
12:15  Mechanisms of Copper Immobilization by Bacteria during Precipitation of Iron Oxides
Daughney C, Swedlund P & Moreau-Fournier M

Monday 15th August PM: Floor 2 / Meeting Hall IV

17h (Oral): Biogeochemical Cycling of Iron
Session chaired by Kristina Straub, Thilo Behrends, Ed Burton, Stefan Peiffer & Cara Santelli

14:00  Microbial Iron Reduction Under Deep Subsurface Pressure Conditions
Picard A, Testemale D, Hazemann J-L & Daniel I
14:15  Roles of Sulfate and FeIII Reduction on Microbial Community Development
Kwon MJ, Boyanov MI, Antonopoulos D, Brulc J, Kemner K & O'Loughlin EJ
14:30  Invited: Iron Microbial Mat Formation from Deep Continental Brines
Toner B, Briscoe L, Michel FM, Alexander S, Alexander C & Gralnick J
14:45  Microbiological Investigation of the Iron-Containing Floculent Mats in Various Deep Sea Environments
Makita H, Kikuchi S, Mitsunobu S, Nakamura K, Toki T, Kawagucci S, Noguchi T, Abe M, Miyazaki J, Yamanaka T, Tsuchida S, Nomaki H, Takahashi Y & Takai K
15:00  A New Gallionellales Isolate: A Model System for Comparative Studies of Fe-Oxidizer Physiology and Biomineralization
Chan C, Krepski S & Saini G
15:15  Origin of Iron Layer in Sediment of Lake Superior: Abiotic vs. Biotic
Dittrich M, Gordon J, Raoof B, Chesnyuk A, Quazi S, Fulthorpe R, Bollmann J & Katsev S
15:30  Enhanced Growth of Acidovorax delafieldii 2AN during Nitrate-Dependent Fe(II) Oxidation in Continuous-Flow Systems
Chakraborty A, Schieber J, Roden E & Picardal F
15:45  Microbial Iron(II) Oxidation in Littoral Freshwater Lake Sediments; Competition between Phototrophic Versus Nitrate-Reducing Iron(II)-oxidizers
Melton ED, Schmidt C & Kappler A
16:00  Elucidating the Functions of the Active Microbial Community of Iron Snow in an Acidic Lake
Lu S, Chourey K, Reiche M, Ciobotă V, Nietzsche S, Hettich R & Küsel K
16:15  On the Multitude of Niches for Bacteria and Archaea in an Acidic Biofilm
Ziegler S, Dolch K, Majzlan J & Gescher J
16:30  Comparative Genome Analysis of Metallosphaera yellowstonensis and a Novel Iron-Oxidizing Sulfolobales from Yellowstone National Park
Kozubal M & Inskeep W
16:45  Distribution and Activity of Iron-Oxidizing Microorganisms in Acidic Geothermal Environments
Beam J, Berstein H, Kozubal M, Carlson R & Inskeep W

Monday 15th August PM: Floor 3 / Poster Area

17h (Poster): Biogeochemical Cycling of Iron

3080  Diffusion and Microbial Consumption of Oxygen in an Acidic Geothermal Iron-Oxide Mat
Bernstein HC, Beam JP, Carlson RP & Inskeep WP
3081  Vertical Distribution of Fe and S Species in Anoxic Water Column of Pavin Lake (France); Electrochemical Evidence for Nanoparticulate FeS
Bura-Nakić E, Ciglenečki I & Viollier E
3082  Electrical Resistivity Imaging of a Deep Coal Mine Discharge
Burgos W, Fitzgerald M, Larson L, Herwehe L, Singha K & Gooseff M
3083  Re-partitioning of Fe and Cu during the Oxidation and Acidification of Acid Sulfate Soil Materials
Claff SR, Burton ED, Sullivan LA & Bush RT
3084  Formation of Layered Fe(II)-Al(III) Hydroxides during Reaction of Fe(II) with γ-Al2O3 and Montmorillonite
Elzinga E
3085  Liesegang Banding and Biochemically Mediated Geochemical Self-Organization
Kettler R, Loope D & Weber K
3086  Speciation of Iron in Natural and Synthesized Bacteriogenic Iron Oxides(BIOS) Using XAFS and μ-XRF-XAFS
Kikuchi S, Makita H, Mitsunobu S, Takai K & Takahashi Y
3087  The Impact of Fe(III) Oxide Structure on Shaping Metal Respiring Microbial Communities and Carbon Oxidation
Lentini C & Hansel C
3088  Spatial and Seasonal Variations of Iron Species in the Changjiang (Yangtze River) Sediment
Li C & Yang S
3089  Microbially Mediated Iron Reduction in the Methanic Zone of Sediments from the Western Argentine Basin
Riedinger N, Formolo MJ, Henkel S, Reese BK, Mills HJ, Voßmeyer A, Arnold GL, Sawicka J, Tomasini J, Love GD, Lyons TW & Kasten S
3090  Fe(II) and Organic Exudates Interaction in Seawater
Santana-Casiano JM, González AG, Pérez N & González-Dávila M
3091  Biotic Dissolution of Tl(I)jarosite by Shewanella putrefaciens CN32
Smeaton CM, Fryer BJ & Weisener CG
3092  Microbial Fe(III)-Reduction in Highly Calcareous Agricultural Soils
Sánchez-Alcala I, Straub KL, Del Campillo MC, Kraemer SM & Torrent J
3093  Quantifying Electron Flow in the Sulfidation of Lepidocrocite
Wan M, Schröder C & Peiffer S
3094  Aeolian Iron Flux in the South-Western Ross Sea, Antarctica
Winton VH, Millet M-A, Bertler N, Dunbar G, Delmonte B & Andersson P
3095  Stimulation of the Anaerobic Oxidation of Pyrite by Activators at Neutral pH in the Presence of Nitrate
Yan R, Kappler A, Richnow H-H & Peiffer S
3096  Release of Silica from Micas by Alkaliphilic Anaerobes
Zavarzina D, Savenko A, Chistyakova N, Shapkin A, Zhilina T & Zavarzin G