Program for Session 12b

Monday 15th August PM: Floor 2 / North Hall

12b (Oral): Patterns of past changes in major precipitation systems
Session chaired by Dominik Fleitmann & Julia Cole

14:00  Decoupled Evolution of Temperature and Precipitation in Western Germany during the Last Interglacial Reconstructed from a Precisely Dated Speleothem
Scholz D, Hoffmann D, Spötl C, Hopcroft P, Mangini A & Richter D
14:15  Open System U-Th Ages of Red Sea Corals Indicate the Activity of Freshwater Aquifers at the Last Interglacial
Lazar B & Stein M
14:30  Kinetic Isotopes Effects in Speleothems: Insight from Clumped Isotopes and Fluid Inclusions
Affek H, Zaarur S, Kluge T, Matthews A, Burstein Y, Ayalon A & Bar-Matthews M
14:45  Variation in Contribution of Bay of Bengal Moisture Source Derived from Stable Isotopic Composition of Cave Carbonates in Meghalaya, India
Rangarajan R, Routh J, Ghosh P, Mangini A, Fohlmeister J, Baskar S, Baskar R & Holzkamper S
15:00  A High-Resolution Paleohydrological Record of the Younger Dryas Episode from Western Europe – Using Lipid Biomarker D/H Ratios
Rach O, Brauer A, Wilkes H & Sachse D
15:15  Latitudinal Changes in Sea Surface Temperature and Salinity over the Eastern Arabian Sea during the Last Glacial Maximum through Holocene
Mahesh B & Banakar V
15:30  Using Opal and Organic Carbon as Proxies for Migration of the North African Monsoon
Bradtmiller L, Awalt M, McGee D & DeMenocal P
15:45  Stalagmite Reconstruction of Moroccan Climate from Geographically Spaced Records
Barrott JJ, Day CC, Barton RNE, Bouzouggar A & Henderson GM
16:00  Centennial-Scale Sea Surface Temperature and Salinity Change in the Florida Straits during the Early Holocene
Schmidt M, Weinlein W, Marcantonio F & Lynch-Stieglitz J
16:15  Megadroughts at the Dawn of Islam Recorded in a Stalagmite from Northern Oman
Fleitmann D, Bradley RS, Burns SJ, Mudelsee M, Cheng H, Edwards LR, Mangini A & Matter A
16:30  Indian Ocean Monsoon Dynamics Recorded in a Speleothem from Socotra, Yemen
De Vleeschouwer D, Van Rampelbergh M, Claeys P, Cheng H, Verheyden S & Keppens E
16:45  O and Ca Isotopes in Calcite Grown Under Cave-Analogue Conditions
Day CC, Reynard LM, Pointing MD, Blättler CL & Henderson GM

Monday 15th August PM: Floor 2 / Poster Area

12b (Poster): Patterns of past changes in major precipitation systems

2118  Study on Main Sources of the Sulfur in Acid Rain in Jiangxi Province, China
Xia F, Pan J-Y, Xia F, Chen S-H, Peng H-M & Liu P
2119  A Warming-Cooling Cycle between 3.8 and 3.2 ky BP: Correlations of Speleothem and Bivalve Compositions with Ice Core Records
Demény A, Schöll-Barna G, Siklósy Z, Serlegi G, Sümegi P & Bondár M
2120  Quantifying the [Ba2+]: δ18Oseawater: Surface Salinity Relationship in the Eastern Equatorial Pacific
Hertzberg J & Schmidt M
2121  Geochemical Study and U/Th Dating of the Akköy Fissure Ridge Travertine (SW-Turkey): Paleoclimatic and Paleoseismic Interpretations
Kele S, Özkul M, Gökgöz A, Shen C-C, Fórizs I, Baykara MO & Alcicek MC
2122  The 4.2ka BP Climate Event and its Influence on Neolithic Cultures Around the Middle Reaches of Yangtze River, China
Liu Y, Hu C, Sun X, Ruan J & Xie S
2123  Grain Size Analysis of Sediments of Thar Dessert, India to Infer Sedimentary Environment
Singh CK, Kumari R & Mukherjee S
2124  Tropical Hydrologic Cycle Variability in the Florida Straits during Marine Isotope Stages 2 and 3
Them T, Schmidt M & Lynch-Stieglitz J