Program for Session 08e

Thursday 18th August PM: Floor 1 / Poster Area

08e (Poster): Current challenges in predicting trace metals mobility in the environment

1057  Influence of Citric Acid, EDTA and Fulvic Acid on U(VI) Sorption onto Kaolinite
Barger M & Koretsky C
1058  Interactions of Eu(III) and Cm(III) with Celestite and Strontianite: Precipitation Kinetics and Uptake Mechanisms Characterisation
Chagneau A, Holliday K, Schmidt M, Stumpf T & Schäfer T
1059  Lead(II) Sorption to Soil Materials – Binding Heterogeneity and Influence of Phosphate
Gustafsson JP, Tiberg C, Edkymish A & Kleja DB
1060  The Calcite–Water Interface and its Interactions with Selenium IV and VI
Heberling F, Heck S & Rothe J
1061  Zn-Labeled Montmorillonite RN Sorption Reversibility Studies
Höss P, Truche L, Bouby M, Brendlé J, Huber FM & Schäfer T
1062  Adsorption of Cr(VI) on Hydrous Manganese Oxide
MacLeod A & Koretsky C
1063  Migration of Europium and Uranium in Opalinus Clay Influenced by pH and Temperature
Möser C, Kautenburger R & Beck HP
1064  Complexation of Eu3+ with Humic Substances Studied by Time-Resolved Laser Fluorescence Spectroscopy and Parallel Factor Analysis
Saito T, Lukman S, Aoyagi N, Kimura T & Nagasaki S
1065  Application of NICA-Donnan Model to Modelling of Eu(III) Solubility in the Presence of Deep Groundwater Humic Substances
Terashima M, Okazaki M, Iijima K & Yui M
1066  Interaction of Se(IV)/Se(VI) Species with Granitic Rock: Understanding of Retention Processes
Videnska K, Havlova V, Galiova M & Havranek V
1067  Microecology Perspective and Environmental Impact of Coal Mine Sulfur-Bearing Waste Dump
Wang L, Yue M & Wang L

Friday 19th August PM: Floor 2 / Meeting Hall IV

08e (Oral): Current challenges in predicting trace metals mobility in the environment
Session chaired by Thorsten Schäfer, Christophe Tournassat & Thorsten Stumpf

14:00  Keynote: Ion Diffusion in Argillaceous Materials
Van Loon L
14:30  Metal Mobility in Clay Formations – From Batch Experiments with Mineral Suspensions to Column Setup with Compacted Clay
Kautenburger R, Moeser C & Beck HP
14:45  Sorption and Redox Behavior of Neptunium on Opalinus Clay and Callovo–Oxfordian Argillite
Banik NL, Marquardt C, Schild D, Rothe J & Schäfer T
15:00  LTD Phase I.: Long-Term Real-Scale Diffusion Experiment Results
Havlova V, Martin A, Eikenberg J & Sus F
15:15  Experimental Studies on Cesium Retardation on Brazilian Crystalline Rocks: Petrography, Porosity and Distribution Coefficients
Belline JB, Siitauri-Kauppi M, Kelokaski M, Gomes MEB & Formoso MLL
15:30  In-Diffusion of Some Chemical Species in a Weathered Granite
Park C-K, Baek M-H & Jeong J-T
15:45  Sorption of Lanthanide Ions to Mineral Surfaces Monitored by Luminescence Spectroscopy Techniques
Eidner S, Brennenstuhl K, Zilm-Gramckow S & Kumke M
16:00  Using TRLFS to Explain Increased Uptake of Eu(III) and Cm(III) into Biologically Produced Apatite
Holliday K, Handley-Sidhu S, Renshaw J, Macaskie L & Stumpf T
16:15  Adsorption of Thallium(I) onto Geological Materials: Effect of pH and Humic Matter
Liu J, Lippold H, Wang J, Lippmann-Pipke J & Chen Y-H
16:30  Selenide Retention by Mackinawite: A Multi-Edge XAS Approach
Finck N, Dardenne K & Bosbach D
16:45  Release Mechanisms of Sr and Cs from the Weathered Hanford Sediments
Um W & Chang H