Program for Session 08f

Tuesday 16th August PM: Floor 2 / Meeting Hall IV

08f (Oral): Oceanic and terrestrial natural organic matter transformation
Session chaired by Alan Stone & Neil Blough

14:00  Polysaccharide Fractionation of Soil Organic Matter due to Reaction with Ferrihydrite
Eusterhues K, Neidhardt J, Rennert T, Kögel-Knabner I & Totsche KU
14:15  X-Ray Analysis of Reactive C-, N-, P-, and S-Functional Groups in NOM
Myneni S
14:30  Influence of Dissolved Organic Matter for the Precipitation of Nanoparticulate Metal Sulfides
Hsu-Kim H, Deonarine A, Gondikas A, Morris A, Zhang T, Aiken G & Ryan J
14:45  Keynote: Application of Advanced Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy and Ultrahigh Resolution Mass Spectrometry (MS) to Studies of Organic Matter Transformations
Abdulla H, Caricasole P, Chen H, Kamga AW, McKee GA, Mesfioui R, Salmon E, Sleighter RL & Hatcher PG
15:15  Mechanisms of Light-Induced Flocculation of Terrestrial Dissolved Organic Matter and Iron
Helms JR, Schmidt-Rohr K, Mao J & Mopper K
15:30  Microbial and Photochemical Mineralization of Dissolved Organic Carbon from Big Rivers
Vähätalo A & Aarnos H
15:45  Electron and Proton Transfer Equilibria of Reducible Moieties in Humic Substances
Aeschbacher M, Schwarzenbach RP & Sander M
16:00  Impact of Reductants on the Optical Properties of Humic Substances (HS)
Del Vecchio R, Heighton L, Golanoski K & Blough N
16:15  Production of Superoxide and Hydrogen Peroxide on Photolysis of Natural Organic Matter
Garg S, Rose A & Waite D
16:30  Organic Matter Photochemistry: Singlet Oxygen Precursor Lifetimes
Sharpless C
16:45  Invited: Electron Donating Properties of Humic Substances and Implications for Pollutant Phototransformation
Sander M, Wenk J, Aeschbacher M, Schwarzenbach RP, von Gunten U, Salhi E & Canonica S

Tuesday 16th August PM: Floor 3 / Poster Area

08f (Poster): Oceanic and terrestrial natural organic matter transformation

3017  A 13C DOC Tracer Approach to Estimate the Contribution of Semi-Labile Dissolved Organic Carbon to Stream Ecosystem Metabolism
Kaplan L, Newbold JD & Aufdenkampe A
3018  Evolution of the Macromolecular Structure of Biopolymers during Pyrolysis: A C-XANES Study
Beyssac O, Bernard S, Benzerara K & Brown GE
3019  Effects of Sodium Borohydride Reduction and Dioxygen Concentration on the Photochemical Properties of Humic Substances
Blough N, Golanoski K, Zhang Y & Del Vecchio R
3020  Measurement of Intramolecular Carbon Isotopic Distribution of Acetaldehyde Emitted from Plant Leaves
Li N, Yamada K, Hattori R, Shibata H, Gilbert A & Yoshida N
3021  Fe Acquisition from Natural Organic Matter by an Aerobic Pseudomonad: Siderophores and Cellular Fe Status
Koehn K, Dehner C, DuBois J & Maurice P
3022  On the Origins of Dissolved Natural Organic Matter (DNOM) in Rivers and Lakes
Macalady D
3023  Self-Assembly in Natural Organic Matter: Lipid and Amphiphilic Components
Chilom G, Shore J & Rice J
3024  A HPSEC-ICP-MS Study on the Affinity of Trace Elements (Fe, Cu, I) to Dissolved Organic Matter in Natural Water Samples
Riedel T & Biester H
3025  Sources, Sinks, and Reactivity of Electrophilic Groups within Natural Organic Matter
Stone A & Flanders P
3026  Effects of pH and Coexisting Ions on Hydrodynamic Size of Various Humic Substances Evaluated by Flow Field Flow Fractionation
Yamashita Y, Tanaka S, Nagasaki S & Saito T