Program for Session 09f

Wednesday 17th August PM: Floor 2 / Poster Area

09f (Poster): Linking the plutonic and volcanic records: textural and geochemical fingerprinting of magma chamber processes

2001  A Magma Plumbing System Probed by the Grænavatn Porphyritic Group, East Iceland
Andersen C, Riishuus M & Tegner C
2002  Petrogenesis of Monotonous Dacitic Taapaca Volcanic Complex, N. Chile
Banaszak M & Wörner G
2003  U-Th-Ba Elemental Fractionation during Partial Melting of Crustal Xenoliths and its Implications for U-Series Disequilibria in Continental Arc Rocks
Brens R & Hickey-Vargas R
2004  Probing the Toba Super-Eruption: Oxygen Isotope Geochemistry of Zoned Quartz Phenocrysts
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2006  Distinguishing between Open and Closed System Magma Differentiation at Arc Volcanoes by Combining U-Series and Elemental Systematics
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2009  Widespread Synchronous Volcanism on the Snake River Plain
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2010  Petrology of the Middle Eocene Sub-Volcanic Association of Western Pontides
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2011  Magma Evolution and the Formation of a ‘Daly Gap’ in the Volcanic and Plutonic Rocks of Akaroa Volcano, New Zealand
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2012  Trace Element Analysis in Quartz by Using Laser Ablation ICP-MS: A Tool for Deciphering Magma Evolution
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2015  Rates of Crystal Nucleation and Growth from Inversion of Natural Crystal Size Distributions
Špillar V & Dolejš D
2016  Petrogenetic Implications of Two Contrasting Granite Types in The Çataldag Plutonic Complex, NW Turkey
Kamaci O & Altunkaynak S
2017  Grain-Supported Flow at Magma Transfer Zones
Vegas N, Rodriguez J, Tubia JM, Esteban JJ & Cuevas J
2018  Geochemistry and 40Ar/39Ar Geochronology of Adakite-Like Porphyries in NW Turkey: Implications For Slab Breakoff Induced Adakitic Magmatism
Yildiz M & Altunkaynak S

Thursday 18th August PM: Floor 4 / Conference Hall

09f (Oral): Linking the plutonic and volcanic records: textural and geochemical fingerprinting of magma chamber processes
Session chaired by Vojtech Janousek, Valentin Troll & Abigail Barker

14:00  Keynote: The Volcanic-Plutonic Connection
Bachmann O, Deering C, Dufek J & Huber C
14:30  Age Relations, Mineral-Chemical and Isotopic Investigations on Basaltic Gem Stone Zircons from Eastern Germany
Büchner J, Tietz O, Seifert W, Gerdes A & Linnemann U
14:45  Basanite-Phonolite Mixing Indicated by Trace Elements in Green-Core Clinopyroxenes from La Palma
Klügel A
15:00  Amphibole Antecrysts in Deposits of Merapi Volcano, Indonesia: A Plutonic Phase in Extrusive Magmas
Peters S, Chadwick J & Troll V
15:15  Magma Physical Properties Affect Isotope Variations in Volcanic Rocks: The Example of High-T Rhyolites
Wolff J, Ellis B & Ramos F
15:30  Mineral Compositions Indicate Magma Recharge Processes in the Ilímaussaq Complex, Greenland
Ratschbacher B, Marks M, Pfaff K & Markl G
15:45  Nature, Origin and Causes of Jurassic Felsic Igneous Activity in the Victory Glacier Area (Eastern Graham Land)
Janoušek V, Gerdes A, Žák J, Soejono I, Venera Z, Erban V, Lexa O & Mixa P
16:00  Invited: O-Isotope Evidence for a Hydrothermally Altered Volcanic Roof to the Bushveld Complex
Harris C & Fourie D
16:15  Catching a Collapsing Solidification Front through Thermal Gradient Experiments
Masotta M, Freda C & Gaeta M
16:30  Constraining Magma-Carbonate Interaction at Vesuvius, Italy: Insights from Stable Isotopes and Experimental Petrology
Jolis EM, Troll V, Harris C, Freda C, Orsi G, Siebe C, Blythe L, Deegan F, Misiti V & Civetta L
16:45  A 3D Snapshot from Granitic System: Tourmaline Nodules and their Bearing on the Granite Evolution
Balen D & Petrinec Z