Program Structure

The table below shows how the sessions are arranged throughout the whole conference. Hovering over a block will display the title of the session, clicking on a column heading will show an overview of that day, and clicking on a session number will take you to the complete listing for that session. The complete list of themes and sessions can be found here.

Room Mon AM Mon PM Tue AM Tue PM Wed AM Wed PM Thu AM Thu PM Fri AM Fri PM
Chamber Hall 10f 10f 10a 10b 10c 10d 10h 10h 10e 10i 10j 10g 10g 11f
Club A 02i 02k 02b 02b 02c 02d 02e 02g 02f 22b 02h 02j 02a 02a
Club B/C 01a 01c 06a 06a 06a 06b 06b 06c 06c 06e 06d
Club D 03g 03f 03f 03a 03c 03c 03d 03d 03b 01b 01b 01d 01d
Club E 04a 04a 04b 04i 04f 04c 04c 04d 04d 04e 04e 04g
Club H 05d 05g 05e 05b 05a 05f 05f 05c 05c 05h 05h
Conference Hall 21a 21a 21e 09d 21d 21f 21f 09g 09h 21c 09f 09c 09a 09e 09b
Congress Hall     23a 23a            
Forum Hall 17e 17e 17f 17f 17b 17c 17d 17k 17k 17g 17g 17i
Meeting Hall I 16f 16f 16c 16c 16d 16e 16e 16h 16a 16a 16a 16a 16b 16b 16b
Meeting Hall IV 17h 17h 08g 08d 08f 08a 08a 08b 08b 08k 08j 08j 08e
Meeting Hall V 08h 08h 08h 08h 08h 08i 08c 17n 17l 17a 17j 17j
North Hall 12a 12b 13a 13a 13d 13d 13f 13f 13g 13g 13b 13e 13c 13c
Panorama Hall 15a 15a 15g 15g 15b 15d 15e 15e 15h 15h 04h 15i 15i
Small Hall 18a 18a 18d 18d 18b 18e 18e 18g 18c 18h 19g 19e 19h 19i
Small Theatre 19f 19a 19b 19c 19d 20c 20e 20g 20h 20d 20b 20i 20k 20k 20a 20j 20j 20f
South Hall 11d 11d 11e 11a 11c 11c 11c 11b 11b 11b 11g 11g
Terrace 1 14f 14f 14b 14c 14c 14c 14d 12g 12i 12e 12f 12f 12d 12h 12c
Terrace 2 07c 07c 07e 07b 07d 07a 07g 07h 07f 14e 14g 22c 14a 22d 22a

Poster sessions

Monday 17:00 - 19:00 01a 01c 02b 02i 02k 03a 03f 03g 04a 04b 05d 05g 08d 08g 09d 07b 07c 07d 07e 10a 10b 10f 11a 11d 11e 12a 12b 14b 14f 15a 15g 16c 16d 16f 17e 17f 17h 19a 19b 19d 19f 20c 18a 18d 21a 21e
Tuesday 17:00 - 19:00 02c 02d 02e 03c 03d 04c 04f 04i 06a 06b 13d 05a 05b 05e 05f 07a 07g 07h 10c 10d 11c 13a 13f 08a 08f 08h 14c 14d 15b 15d 15e 17b 17c 16e 16h 18b 18e 19c 20e 20g 20h 21d 21f
Wednesday 17:00 - 19:00 02f 02g 02h 02j 03b 04d 04h 05c 06c 07f 08b 08c 08i 08k 10e 17l 09f 09g 09h 10h 10i 10j 12d 12e 12f 12g 12i 13b 13g 14e 14g 15h 16a 17d 17k 17m 17n 18c 18g 18h 19g 20a 20b 20d 20i 22b 22c
Thursday 17:00 - 19:00 01b 01d 02a 04e 04g 05h 06d 06e 08e 08j 09a 09b 09c 09e 10g 11b 11f 11g 12c 12h 13c 13e 14a 15i 16b 17a 17g 17i 17j 19e 19h 19i 20f 20j 20k 21c 22a 22d

Sorry, the poster schedule is not yet complete.