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Biochemical Characterization of Single Weathering Hyphae of Paxillus involutus Using CLSM and Synchrotron Based µFTIR 17f/3075/Mo
Schmalenberger A, Bray A, Duran A, Leake J, Banwart S, Cinque G, Frogley M, Filik J, Pijanka J, Bonneville S, Benning L & Romero-Gonzalez M

Fungi Accelerate Mineral Weathering via a Synergy of Mechanical and Chemical Attacks 17f/3065/Mo
Bonneville S, Morgan DJ, Bray AW, Brown A, Schmalenberger A, Banwart S & Benning LG

Nuclear Imaging of 99mTc Transport and Immobilisation through Porous Media 16b/11:30/Fr
Corkhill C, Bridge J, Hillel P, Utton C, Hyatt N, Banwart S & Romero-Gonzalez M

SoilTrEC: An International Consortium to Assess Soil Processes and Functions Using a Global Network of Critical Zone Observatories 14a/3017/Th
Menon M, Chabaux F, Lundin L, Novak M, Brandao M, Nikolaidis N, Panagos P, van Gaans P, Kram P, Blum W, deRuiter P, Bernasconi S, Rousseva S, White T, Ragnarsdóttir KV, van Riemdijk W, Banwart S, Reynolds B & Lair G

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(2009) Mineral-Specific Attachment of Sulphate-Reducing Bacterial Consortia: Combined Experimental and xDLVO Modelling Approach    
Baker K, Bridge J, Brown D, Rolfe S, Scholes J, Edyvean R & Banwart S

(2009) Invited: Mineralogy Controls Oxalic Acid Release in Mycorrhiza Weathering    
Schmalenberger A, Duran A, Leake J, Romero-Gonzales M & Banwart S

(2009) Multi-Factorial Analysis of Surface Interactions in Single Species Environmental Bacteria and Model Surfaces    
Andrews J, Pouran H, Scholes J, Rolfe S & Banwart S

(2009) Invited: Mycorrhizal Evolution, Biological Weathering and the Long-Term Carbon Cycle    
Taylor LL, Leake JR, Quirk J, Hardy K, Banwart SA & Beerling DJ

(2009) Invited: Nanoscale Imaging of Ectomycorrhizal Weathering Processes on Minerals    
Gazze SA, Ragnarsdottir KV, Banwart S, Leake J & McMaster T

(2009) Invited: Quantifying Chemical Weathering at the Biotite-Mycorrhiza Interface    
Bonneville S, Morgan D, Brown A, Smits M, Duran A, Schmalenberger A, Leake J, Banwart S, Brydson R & Benning L

(2007) Biologically-Mediated Weathering of Minerals from Nanometre Scale to Environmental Systems    
Brown D, Banwart S, Smits M, Leake J, Bonneville S, Benning L, Haward S & Ragnarsdottir V