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Don Canfield Don Canfield
University of Southern Denmark

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A Sulfidic Driver for the Late Ordovician Extinction 07c/14:15/Mo
Hammarlund E, Dahl T, Harper D, Bond D, Bjerrum C & Canfield D

High Methane Oxidation Rates in Ferruginous Lake Matano 07f/16:30/We
Sturm A, Crowe S, Jones C, Leslie K, Canfield D, Nomosatryo S, Mucci A & Fowle D

Oxidative Weathering Fractionates Chromium Isotopes 14c/10:00/We
Crowe S, Døssing L, MacLean L, Frei R, Fowle D, Mucci A & Canfield D

Invited: The Anatomy of the Great Oxidation Event 02a/15:15/Fr
Poulton S, Bekker A, Farquhar J, Zerkle A, Johnston D & Canfield D

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(2010) Invited: Biogeochemistry and Microbial Ecology of a Modern, Ferruginous Chemocline    
Crowe S, Canfield D, Fowle D, Jones C, Sturm A, Katsev S, Mucci A, Sundby B, Nomosatryo S & Haffner D

(2010) Biogeochemistry of Mn Oxidation in Lake Matano, Indonesia    
Jones C, Crowe S, Canfield D, Sturm A, Fowle D, Katsev S, Mucci A, Sundby B & Nomosatryo S

(2010) Geochemistry of Major Elements in Lake Matano, Indonesia    
Sturm A, Crowe S, Jones C, Fowle D, Canfield D, Katsev S, Mucci A & Nomosatryo S

(2010) Migrations of Sediment Redox Boundaries as Indicators of Change in Oligotrophic Systems    
Li J, Crowe S, Miklesh D, Canfield D & Katsev S

(2010) Ocean Oxygenation after the Rise of Animals    
Dahl TW, Hammarlund E, Knoll AH, Anbar AD & Canfield DE

(2009) Anoxic and Oxic Phototrophic Primary Production during the Precambrian    
Honeycutt C, Bjerrum C & Canfield D

(2009) Keynote: Early Paleoproterozoic Fluctuations in Biospheric Oxygenation    
Poulton S, Bekker A & Canfield D

(2009) Evaluating the S-Isotope Fractionation Associated with Phanerozoic Pyrite Burial    
Wu N, Farquhar J, Strauss H, Kim S-T & Canfield D

(2009) Isotope Study of S-Cycle of Lago di Cadagno    
Farquhar J, Canfield D, Zerkle A & Habicht K

(2008) Analyzing Trace Pigments in Oligotrophic Waters Using Long Pass Cell Spectrophotometry    
Jones C, Crowe SA, Canfield D, Fowle D & Haffner D

(2008) Molybdenum Isotope Variations in a Redox-Stratified Lake; Removal Mechanism and Preservation in Euxinic Sediments    
Dahl TW, Anbar AD, Gordon GW, Rosing MT, Frei RE & Canfield DE