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Calcium Isotope Fractionation in Alpine Plants 14c/11:30/Tu
Hindshaw R, Reynolds B, Wiederhold J, Kretzschmar R & Bourdon B

In situ Analysis of U-Th Disequilibria in Titanite by fs-LA-MC-ICPMS 18a/4008/Mo
Koornneef J, Bourdon B, Fontaine G, Dorta L, Hattendorf B, Guenther D, Ulmer P & Stracke A

Mercury Isotope Fractionation in Layered Roasted Ore Waste 18g/4011/We
Smith R, Wiederhold J, Jew A, Brown G, Bourdon B & Kretzschmar R

Noble Gas in Basin Centred Gas: Sampling Techniques and Preliminary Results 10a/16:15/Mo
Pujol M, Van den Boorn S, Bourdon B, Kipfer R, Wieler R & Brennwald M

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(2010) 142Nd Anomalies in the Nuvvuagittuq Supracrustal Belt Revisited    
Roth A, Bourdon B, Kleine T, Mojzsis S & Touboul M

(2010) Dating Volatile Depletion of Differentiated Protoplanets    
Hans U, Kleine T & Bourdon B

(2010) Medal: Earth’s Accretion and Differentiation    
Kleine T, Rudge JF & Bourdon B

(2010) Fractionated Refractory Elements in the Allende Meteorite    
Stracke A, Palme H, Gellissen M, Kleine T, Bourdon B, Birbaum K, Geunther D & Zipfel J

(2010) Fractionation of Li Isotopes during Mineral Dissolution of Granite    
Lemarchand E, Reynolds BC, Kretzschmar R & Bourdon B

(2010) Hf-W Chronology of the Eucrite Parent Body    
Sprung P, Touboul M, Aciego S, Bourdon B & Kleine T

(2010) Plume-Influenced Melting of a Two-Component Source beneath Iceland    
Koornneef J, Stracke A, Meier M-A, Bourdon B, Grönvold K, Jochum K-P & Stoll B

(2010) Silicate Weathering and Si Isotope Fractionation in a Glacial, Granitic Catchment    
Reynolds B, Lemarchand E, Hindshaw R, Tipper E & Bourdon B

(2010) Silicon Isotope Constraints on the Formation of the Moon    
Fitoussi C, Bourdon B, Pahlevan K & Wieler R

(2009) Chemical Weathering during Rapid Erosion and Subtropical Climate: A Case Study from Taiwan    
Thiede RC, Aciego SM, Fellin MG, Bourdon B & Willett SD

(2009) Equilibrium Mercury Isotope Fractionation between Dissolved Hg(II) Species and Thiol-Bound Hg    
Wiederhold JG, Cramer CJ, Daniel K, Infante I, Bourdon B & Kretzschmar R

(2009) Fe Isotope Fractionation during Phyllosilicate Dissolution: Effect of Protons, Ligands and K Concentration    
Kiczka M, Wiederhold JG, Kraemer SM, Bourdon B & Kretzschmar R

(2009) Heat-Producing Elements in the Earth’s Core Revisited    
Bourdon B, Bunge H-P & Rudge J

(2009) Ion Kinetic Energies’ Influence on Mass Bias in (MC)ICPMS    
Hattendorf B, Fontaine GH, Oberli F, Bourdon B & Günther D

(2009) Melting Dynamics beneath Iceland from U-Th-Pa-Ra Disequilibria in Post-Glacial Tholeiites    
Koornneef J, Stracke A, Bourdon B, Aciego S, Grönvold K, Jochum K-P & Stoll B

(2009) Metal-Silicate Silicon Isotope Fractionation in Enstatite Chondrites    
Fitoussi C, Van Orman JA, Bourdon B & Kleine T

(2009) New 146Sm-142Nd Data for Lunar Rocks    
Touboul M, Kleine T, Bourdon B, Nyquist LE & Shih C-Y

(2009) On Lithium Isotope Systematics and Abundances in Lunar Mare Basalts    
Magna T, Neal CR, Tomascak PB, Bourdon B, Oberli F & Day JMD

(2009) Process-Related Mg Isotope Fractionation during a Seasonal Cycle in a Granitic Catchment    
Tipper E, Lemarchand E, Hindshaw R & Bourdon B

(2009) Rb-Sr Systematics of Angrites    
Hans U, Kleine T & Bourdon B

(2009) Refractory Lithophile Element Fractionation in Chondritic Meteorites    
Stracke A, Bourdon B, Kleine T, Birbaum K & Günther D

(2009) Seasonal Stream Water Chemistry at the Damma Glacier, Switzerland    
Hindshaw RS, Reynolds BC, Wiederhold JG, Kretzschmar R & Bourdon B

(2009) The Double Spike Toolbox    
Rudge J, Reynolds B & Bourdon B

(2009) The Mo Isotopic Composition of Iron Meteorites and Chondrites    
Burkhardt C, Kleine T, Oberli F & Bourdon B

(2009) U-Series Recoil Ages of Ice Cores Samples from Dome C, Antarctica    
Aciego S, Bourdon B, Schwander J & Stocker T

(2009) U-Th-Pa-Ra Constraints on Mantle Wedge Metasomatism and Melting beneath Volcán Llaima    
Reubi O, Bourdon B, Koornneef J, Aciego S, Dungan M, Sellés D & Langmuir C

(2009) δ30Si Constraints on Silicon Cycling in the Low-Latitude Thermocline    
de Souza G, Reynolds B, Rickli J, Frank M & Bourdon B

(2008) Calcium Isotope Variations at the Damma Glacier, Switzerland    
Hindshaw R, Reynolds B, Bourdon B, Wiederhold J & Kretzschmar R

(2008) Hafnium-Tungsten Chronometry of Lunar Differentiation    
Kleine T, Touboul M, Bourdon B, Palme H & Wieler R

(2008) Hg Isotopes in Contaminated Soils    
Wiederhold JG, Bourdon B & Kretzschmar R

(2008) Lithium Isotope Fractionation along a Weathering Chronosequence    
Lemarchand E, Reynolds BC, Wiederhold JG, Bourdon B & Kretzschmar R

(2008) Non-Chondritic Sm/Nd Ratios in the Terrestrial Planets    
Caro G, Bourdon B, Halliday A & Quitté G

(2008) The Age of the Hidden Reservoir    
Bourdon B, Touboul M, Caro G & Kleine T

(2008) The Stable Si Isotope Composition of Eastern Atlantic Ocean Seawater    
de Souza G, Reynolds B, Rickli J, Frank M & Bourdon B

(2008) Keynote: U-Isotope Fractionation during Chemical Weathering    
Bourdon B, Andersen M, Erel Y & Pili E

(2008) U-Series Recoil Ages of Ice Core Samples from Dome C, Antarctica    
Aciego S, Bourdon B, Schwander J & Stocker T

(2007) How can We Trace Fe Isotope Fractionation by Weathering in Soils?    
Wiederhold JG, Bourdon B & Kretzschmar R

(2007) Isotopic Record of Hadean Crust in Western Australia    
Tessalina S, Philippot P, Van Kranendonk M, Bourdon B & Birck J-L

(2007) Osmium Isotopes as a Provenance Tracer? A Case Study from Cabrières    
Klemm V, Ambert P & Bourdon B

(2007) The Behaviour of 234U/238U during Experimental Granite Dissolution    
Andersen M, Bourdon B & Erel Y

(2007) The Impact of Fe Isotope Fractionation by Plants on the Isotopic Signature of Soils    
Kiczka M, Wiederhold JG, Kraemer SM, Bourdon B & Kretzschmar R

(2007) Invited: Weathering Rates from Top to Bottom in a Carbonate Environment    
Bourdon B, Bureau S, Andersen M & Pili E