Mid-Latitude (~50°N) Continental Response to Falling Atmospheric PCO2 during the Eocene-Oligocene Transition
Presenting author: Hren MT (mhren@umich.edu)

Author List
Author 1: Hren MT (mhren@umich.edu)
Author 2: Sheldon ND (nsheldon@umich.edu)
Author 3: Grimes ST (stephen.grimes@plymouth.ac.uk)
Author 4: Collinson ME (m.collinson@es.rhul.ac.uk)
Author 5: Hooker JJ (J.hooker@nhm.ac.uk)
Author 6: Bugler M (melanie.bugler@plymouth.ac.uk)
Author 7: Lohmann K (kacey@umich.edu)

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