Workshops and Short Courses

  1. Quality Assurance in Analytical Geochemistry, Sunday, 13 June 2010, 10:00 to 16:00
    In conjunction with the 2010 Goldschmidt conference, the International Association of Geoanalysts (IAG: will be sponsoring a one-day workshop devoted to quality assurance and best practices for the analysis of Earth materials. The main focus of this workshop will be the analysis of silicates using both whole rock and micro-analytical techniques, though other fields of interest to the analytical geochemist will also be presented.
    Workshop Goals:
    • Discuss the latest practices for the production of “reliable” geochemical data that are associated with small measurement uncertainties.
    • Provide an overview of current understanding of metrological traceability and the proper use of reference materials.
    • Describe the role of measurement uncertainty and how it is effected by such issues as sample preparation, sample heterogeneity and data acquisition.
    • Highlight the role of the IAG and its support of the geoanalytical community.
    Specific Topics to be Covered:
    • Recent trends in sampling and sample preparation.
    • Proper IUPAC terminology and recent ISO guidelines.
    • Reference materials for quality control and method development.
    • The role of proficiency testing within overall data quality assurance.
    • The production of new certified reference materials.
    Input by workshop participants is most welcome. Participants wishing to present their work or who wish to have specific themes addressed should include this information at the time of registering.
    Workshop Organizers:
    • Thomas Meisel, Chairperson of the IAG Certification Committee; General and Analytical Chemistry, University of Leoben, Austria, +43 (0)3842 402 1200
    • Michael Wiedenbeck, President of the IAG; GFZ–Potsdam, Germany
    Workshop Fee: UK£ 40 for IAG members, UK£ 60 for non-members. Fee to be paid via credit card after receipt of electronic invoice
    Registration: Send an E-mail to IAG's Hon. Treasurer Chris Jackson Subject Heading: Registration for Knoxville Workshop Include in body of message: name, work address and e-mail address An electronic invoice will be sent to your e-mail address Full reimbursement for cancellations sent prior to 1 June 2010 Registration deadline: 1 June 2010

  2. Teaching Geochemistry* - June 11–13

    This workshop is hosted by the On the Cutting Edge program for geoscience faculty professional development. The workshop will include invited speakers, presentations on innovative approaches to teaching geochemistry, small group discussion sessions, and networking opportunities. Join us to learn more about resources that are currently available to support your own teaching of geochemistry, and help us build our collections of instructional resources.

    The workshop will be held on June 11–13 prior to the Goldschmidt Conference. June 11 (Fri) should be a travel day and we will have an introductory session that evening after dinner. Workshop activities are scheduled for the full day on Saturday and we will end on Sunday mid-afternoon in time to prepare for the opening session of the conference. More information about the workshop and the online registration form can be accessed at:

    The registration fee is $40, which will cover costs of coffee breaks and lunches. Registration deadline is May 28. This workshop is partially funded through our grant from the National Science Foundation.

    We hope to see you in June! Questions can be directed to Dave Mogk. Thanks to all for your consideration.

    Dave Mogk and Dex Perkins, co-conveners

    *broadly defined to include all areas of interest of geochemistry and related fields such as mineralogy and petrology

  3. Town Hall Meeting on Geobiology and Low-Temperature Geochemistry. - June 15 18:30-20:30

    An NSF-hosted Town Hall meeting for the Geobiology and Low-Temperature Geochemistry community will be held at Goldschmidt 2010 to discuss common research themes, the near and longer term future for this relatively new field, and a strategy for gaining more impact in earth, space, and ecosystem science. Currently this NSF program supports research on

    1. the interactions between biological and geological systems at all scales of space and time;
    2. geomicrobiology and biomineralization processes;
    3. the role of life in the transformation and evolution of the Earth's geochemical cycles;
    4. inorganic and organic geochemical processes occurring at or near the Earth's surface now and in the past, and at the broad spectrum of interfaces ranging in scale from planetary and regional to mineral-surface and supramolecular;
    5. mineralogy and chemistry of soils and sediments;
    6. surficial chemical and biogeochemical systems and cycles and their modification through natural and anthropogenic change; and
    7. development of tools, methods, and models for low-temperature geochemistry and geobiological research - such as those emerging from molecular biology - in the study of the terrestrial environment.”

    With such diversity, we think that our long-term directions and interests could be more strongly and effectively communicated to the Earth Science community at large, particularly those scientists at NSF, NASA, and other funding agencies, who might not have the background to recognize the importance and relevance of our interdisciplinary science.

    We have reserved a conference room on Tuesday evening from 6:30-8:30 pm, June 15th, at Knoxville Convention Center (or across the street in the UT Conference Center). This Town Hall meeting will engage the geochemistry community in formulating new ideas. Registration for the meeting is free. Light refreshments will be provided for attendees.

    Dr. Marilyn L. Fogel (Program Director in Geobiology and Low-Temperature Geochemistry, NSF; Senior Scientist, Geophysical Laboratory, CIW), Dr. Enriqueta Barrera (Surface Earth Processes Section Head, NSF), Dr. Marty Goldhaber (USGS), and Dr. Kate Freeman (Penn State University)