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Theme 03: Deep-Earth Processes: Core and Mantle

Steve Shirey (Carnegie Institution of Washington)
Bernard Bourdon (ETH Zürich)
Bernie Wood (Oxford)

Theme 03 sessions:

03a: Volatiles in Earth & Planetary Interiors
Convenors: Erik H Hauri, Rajdeep Dasgupta, Alison Shaw, Adrian Jones, Justin Filiberto
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03b: Mantle Reservoirs and their Creation
Convenors: Matthew G Jackson, Rajdeep Dasgupta, James Day
Keynotes: Mark Kurz (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution) , Peter van Keken (University of Michigan)
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03c: Peridotites and Eclogites: Compositions, Textures and Microscale Mineralogy
Convenors: Ambre Luguet, Dorrit Jacob, Dmitri Ionov
Keynote: Roberta Rudnick (University of Maryland)
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03d: New and Old Paradigms on the Origin and Evolution of Continental Lithosphere
Convenors: Sonja Aulbach, Veronique Le Roux, Nina Simon, Cin-Ty Lee
Keynote: Rick Carlson (DTM, Carnegie Inst. of Washington)
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03e: Reading the Mantle Signal in Basalt Compositions
Convenors: John Maclennan, Andreas Stracke
Keynote: Marc M Hirschmann (University of Minnesota)
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03f: Experimental Petrology of the Mantle and Core
Convenors: Michael J Walter, Oliver Lord, Reidar Tronnes
Keynote: Denis Andrault (Universite Blaise Pascal)
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03g: Geochemical Signatures of Mantle Redox Processes
Convenors: Abby Kavner, Andrew Campbell, Catherine A McCammon
Keynotes: Elizabeth Cottrell (Smithsonian Institution) , Cin-Ty Lee (Rice University)
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03h: Analytical, Experimental and Theoretical Aspects of Stable Isotope Fractionation at High P and T: Implications for Planetary Evolution
Convenors: Helen M Williams, Anat Shahar
Keynote: Edward D Young (UCLA)
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03i: Trace Element Partitioning
Convenors: Wim van Westrenen, James Van Orman, John Ayers
Keynote: Dan Frost (Bayreuth)
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03j: Origin and the Evolution of the Earth's Core
Convenors: William F McDonough, Reinhard Boehler, Alexandre Corgne
Keynote: James Van Orman (Case Western Reserve University)
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03k: Fluid-Mineral Interactions in the Deep Crust and Mantle
Convenors: Dimitri A Sverjensky, Craig Manning, Yingwei Fei, Ronald Cohen
Keynote: Isabelle Daniel (Universite Lyon1)
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03l: The Compositions of the Earth, the Earth-Moon System, and the Terrestrial Planets
Convenors: Hugh O'Neill, Alan Brandon
Keynote: John Chambers (Carnegie Institution of Washington)
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Theme 03 related sessions:

01b: Early Accretion and Differentiation Processes on Planets and Planetesimals
Convenors: James Day, Amy Riches, Josh Emery
Keynote: Duck Mittlefehldt (NASA Johnson Space Center)
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01c: The Moon 40 Years after Apollo: Origin, Evolution and Volatiles
Convenors: Tomas Magna, Lawrence A Taylor, Yang Liu
Keynote: Clive R Neal (University of Notre Dame)
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01d: The New Mars: Geochemistry of a Neighbor Planet
Convenors: Dave Des Marais, Scott M McLennan
Keynote: Lisa Pratt (Geology, Indiana University)
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01e: Mantle-Atmosphere Interactions on Earth and Beyond
Convenors: Colin Goldblatt, Kevin Zahnle
Keynote: Bernard Marty (Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Géologie)
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02e: The First 500 Million Years
Convenors: Rick Carlson, Maud Boyet
Keynote: Bernard Bourdon (ETH Zürich)
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04l: Earth Materials: Thermodynamic and Energetic Properties
Convenors: Charles A. Geiger, Artur Benisek
Keynotes: Guy Hovis (Lafayette College, Easton) , Viktor Vinograd (Goethe Universität, Frankfurt)
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08a: Frontiers of Ultrahigh Pressure Metamorphism: Mineral Reactions, Isotope Characteristics, Phase Transformations, Fluids and Solid State Flow
Convenors: Larissa Dobrzhinetskaya, Hirochika Sumino, Ruth Zhang, JingSui Yang
Keynotes: Carl Spandler (James Cook University, Australia) , Yuanbao Wu (State Key Laboratory of Geological Processes and Mineral Resources, Faculty of Earth Sciences, China)
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08b: Advances in Monazite, Xenotime, and Zircon Geochronology: Utilizing Alteration and Deformation to Date Multiple Events
Convenors: Daniel Harlov, Michael Williams, Gregory Dumond
Keynotes: Daniel Dunkley (NIPR) , Emilie Janots (University of Münster)
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08d: Formation and Destruction of Cratons
Convenors: Stephen FOLEY, Shan GAO
Keynote: Yigang Xu (Chinese Academy of Sciences, Guangzhou)
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08g: Simulation of Metamorphic Processes – Theory, Experiments, and Numerical Models
Convenors: Peter Nabelek, Jay Ague
Keynotes: Sumit Chakraborty (Ruhr-Universität, Bochum) , John Ferry (Johns Hopkins University)
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Scope of theme:
Theme 3, Deep Earth Processes, Core and Mantle, covers all aspects of the mineralogy, petrology, geochemistry and evolution of the Earth's mantle and core. Scientific sessions are being sought within four main aspects of this theme: 1) the mantle and its reservoirs, 2) understanding the core, 3) real mantle samples, and 4) simulating the mantle and core. We envision specific sessions such as creation of mantle heterogeneities, the lengthscales and geochemical implications of heterogeneities, volatiles in the mantle, new thinking on mantle bulk composition, processes occurring at the core/mantle boundary, constraints on the composition of the core, the physics and chemistry of core formation, continental lithospheric mantle evolution, peridotites and eclogites, experimental petrology of the mantle and core, oxidation state of the mantle, high pressure stable isotopes, and trace element partitioning.