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Theme 14: Weathering Interactions in Critical Zone Processes

Art White (USGS)
Steven Banwart (University of Sheffield)

Theme 14 sessions:

14a: Organo-Mineral Interactions in the Critical Zone: Mineral Weathering and Carbon Stabilization in Soil
Convenors: Erika Marin-Spiotta, Jon Chorover, Craig Rasmussen, Lixin Jin, Amanda Olsen, Elisabeth Hausrath
Keynotes: Georg Guggenberger (Leibniz University Hannover ) , Jennifer Harden (US Geological Survey)
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14b: Lithologic and Erosional Influences on Critical Zone Processes
Convenors: Heather Buss, Clifford Riebe
Keynotes: Susan Brantley (Penn State) , Bill Dietrich (University of California Berkeley)
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14c: Hydrogeochemical Modeling of Reaction Networks in the Critical Zone
Convenors: Chen Zhu, Carl Steefel
Keynote: Kate Maher (Stanford University)
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14d: Biogeochemical Cycle of Silicon: From Land to Ocean
Convenors: Suvasis Dixit, Philippe Van Cappellen
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14e: Isotope Tracers of Critical Zone Processes and Function
Convenors: Thomas Bullen, Friedhelm von Blanckenburg
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14f: Temporal Evolution and Life Cycle of the Critical Zone
Convenors: Stefano Bernasconi, Håkan Wallander
Keynote: Duane Peltzer (Landcare Research, Lancaster, New Zealand)
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14g: Biological Weathering in the Critical Zone: From Nano to Global Scale
Convenors: Megan Andrews, Kent Keller
Keynotes: David Beerling (University of Sheffield) , Robert Berner (Yale University)
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14h: Critical Zone Processes Across Environmental Gradients
Convenors: F. Chabaux, L. Derry, Lin Ma
Keynote: Yves Godderis (CNRS Toulouse)
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Theme 14 related sessions:

04b: Protolytic Equilibria and Kinetics at Interfaces Probed on Different Scales
Convenors: David J. Wesolowski, William H. Casey, Johannes Lützenkirchen
Keynote: Lionel Vayssieres (National Institute for Materials Science )
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04g: Clays and Trace Metals in the Environment
Convenors: Thierry Allard, Paul Bertsch
Keynote: Jeffrey Catalano (Washington University in St. Louis)
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09g: Geochemistry of CO2 Sequestration: Isotopic Indicators of Carbon Capture, Storage and Migration in Natural and Engineered Systems
Convenors: Brian W Stewart, Rosemary C Capo
Keynotes: Donald J. DePaolo (University of California, Berkeley) , Barbara Sherwood Lollar (University of Toronto)
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10e: Chemical and Isotopic Perspectives on Global Elemental Cycling in Modern and Ancient Systems
Convenors: Matthew Fantle, Edward Tipper
Keynote: Yves Godderis (CNRS Toulouse)
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13a: Impact of Seasons on the Nutrient Dynamics (Natural and Anthropogenic) in the Tropical Aquatic Ecosystems
Convenors: Ramanathan Alagappan, M. Bala Krishna Prasad, tbc tbc
Keynotes: Wolanski Eric (Australian Institute of Marine Science) , Robert R. Twilley (Louisiana State University)
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13c: Solute and Sediment Geochemistry of Fluvial Systems Past and Present – Sponsored by the International Association of GeoChemistry
Convenors: David T Long, W. Berry Lyons, Russell S Harmon, LeeAnn Munk, Sarah Fortner
Keynotes: W. Berry Lyons (Ohio State University) , Eric Oelkers (LMTG/CNRS UMR 5563)
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15l: Iron Geomicrobiology
Convenors: Kirsten Küsel, Joel Kostka
Keynote: Karrie A. Weber (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)
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16g: Controls and Small- Scale Dynamics of Biogeochemical Processes in Near-Surface Porous Media
Convenors: Christof Meile, Celine Pallud, Aaron Thompson
Keynote: Philippe Baveye (University of Abertay Dundee )
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16j: Biogeochemistry and Geomorphology of Biological Invasion
Convenors: Timothy Filley, Kyungsoo Yoo
Keynote: Patrick Bohlen (MacArthur Agro-ecology Research Center )
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16k: Molecular-Scale Interactions of Organic C with Mineral Soils
Convenors: Melanie A Mayes, Markus Kleber, Jim Amonette, Georg Guggenberger, Stan Wullschleger
Keynote: Karsten Kalbitz (University of Amsterdam)
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19d: Three-Dimensional Imaging of Earth and Environmental Processes
Convenors: Hassina Bilheux, Ed Perfect
Keynote: J.W. Hopmans (UC-Davis, neutron imaging of soils)
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Scope of theme:
Understanding the complex interactions of chemistry, biology, physics and energy, which produce and sustain soils and regoliths, is major challenge in earth science. This theme will include topics related to geochemical kinetic and thermodynamic interactions, ecosystem functioning and biogeochemical controls on weathering and mineral nutrient interactions, relationships between chemical and physical erosion and tectonics and the feedback between weathering and climate. Sessions will describe an array of computational, experimental and field -based approaches and incorporate new isotopic techniques and nano-sciences and -technology.