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Theme 10: Global Element Cycles and Climate Change

Andy Jacobson (Northwestern University)
Anton Eisenhauer (IFM-GEOMAR)

Theme 10 sessions:

10a: Biomineralization in the Marine Realm: Processes and Signatures in Natural and Model Systems
Convenors: Anton Eisenhauer, Jonathan Erez, Basak Kisarürek
Keynote: Jonathan Erez (Earth and Planetary Science, Hebrew Univiersity, J)
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10b: Present-Day Oceanic Cycling of Trace Metals and their Isotopes
Convenor: Anton Eisenhauer
Keynote: Peter Croot (IFM-GEOMAR)
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10c: Developing a Better Picture of Earth's Deep Sulfur Cycle
Convenors: Charles W. Mandeville, Nobumichi Shimizu, Nicole Keller
Keynotes: Jeffrey Alt (The University of Michigan) , James Farquhuar (University of Maryland)
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10d: Microbial Sulfur Transformations: Past, Present, and Away
Convenors: Annette Summers Engel, Stefanie Gruenke, Jennifer Macalady, Stefan Sievert, Alexis Templeton
Keynotes: Samantha (Mandy) B Joye (University of Georgia) , Alexander Loy (Universitat Wien, Department of Microbial Ecology)
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10e: Chemical and Isotopic Perspectives on Global Elemental Cycling in Modern and Ancient Systems
Convenors: Matthew Fantle, Edward Tipper
Keynote: Yves Godderis (CNRS Toulouse)
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Theme 10 related sessions:

01g: Geomicrobiology of Redox Stratified Ecosystems
Convenors: David Fowle, Jennifer Macalady
Keynote: Aubrey Zerkle (University of Maryland)
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04e: Geochemistry far from Equilibrium (A Session Celebrating the 5th Anniversary of Elements Magazine)
Convenors: Bruce Watson, Michael Hochella
Keynote: Reid Cooper (Brown University)
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04f: Atmospheric Dust
Convenors: Reto Gieré, Bernard Grobéty, Peter Stille
Keynote: Peter Buseck (Arizona State University)
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05e: Geomicrobiology of Mid-Ocean Ridge Systems: Connections Among Subseafloor, Plume, and Low-Temperature Alteration Environments
Convenors: Brandy M Toner, Gregory Dick, Jason Sylvan
Keynote: Anna-Louise Reysenbach (Portland State University)
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09f: Geochemistry of CO2 Sequestration: Theory, Modeling, and Field and Laboratory Results
Convenors: Chen Zhu, Eric Oelkers, John Kaszuba, Juerg Matter
Keynotes: Geg Dipple (University of British Columbia) , S. Gislason (University of Iceland)
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09g: Geochemistry of CO2 Sequestration: Isotopic Indicators of Carbon Capture, Storage and Migration in Natural and Engineered Systems
Convenors: Brian W Stewart, Rosemary C Capo
Keynotes: Donald J. DePaolo (University of California, Berkeley) , Barbara Sherwood Lollar (University of Toronto)
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09j: New Horizons in Coal Science: Organic Petrology, Geochemistry, and Environmental Effects
Convenors: Leslie Ruppert, Shifeng Dai, Hamed Sanei
Keynotes: Marc Bustin (University of British Columbia) , Fari Goodarzi (Vast Exploration)
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11a: Impacts of Atmospheric Deposition on Ocean Chemistry and Biology
Convenors: Adina Paytan , Natalie Mahowald, Dale W Griffin, William Landing
Keynote: Keith J. Moore (UC Irvine)
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11b: Connecting Oceanic Emissions, Aerosols, and Maritime Clouds: What do We Know and Where Will We go?
Convenors: Maria Cristina Facchini, Nicholas Meskhidze
Keynotes: David J. Kieber (State University of New York) , Charles McClain (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)
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11c: Biogeochemical Cycling in Low Oxygen Marine Environments of the Past and Present
Convenors: Tom Jilbert, Peter Kraal, Daniel Reed, Caroline Slomp
Keynote: Tim Lenton (University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK)
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12a: New Developments in Geochemical Paleoceanographic Proxies
Convenors: Tom Marchitto, Ros Rickaby
Keynote: John Eiler (California Institute of Technology)
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12b: New Applications of Trace Metals in Siliciclastic Sediments as Proxies for Marine Paleoenvironments
Convenors: Thomas Algeo, Anna Cruse
Keynote: Achim Herrmann (Arizona State U.)
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12c: The Role of Greenhouse Gases in Phanerozoic Climate Change
Convenors: Rich Pancost, Andy Ridgwell
Keynote: Pagani Mark (Yale Univerisity )
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12d: Past Ocean Circulation and Climate
Convenors: Katharina Pahnke, Stephen Barker
Keynotes: Jess Adkins (Caltech) , Jerry McManus (LDEO)
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12e: Marine-Terrestrial Archives of ‘Deep-Time’ Climate Change
Convenors: Isabel Montanez, Adrian Immenhauser
Keynote: Brad Sageman (Northwestern U.)
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12f: Paleo-Sea Level and Paleo-Ice Volume: Reconstructions and Implications
Convenors: eelco rohling, William G. Thompson, Peter Clark
Keynote: Alex Thomas (Department of Earth Sciences, University of Oxford)
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12h: Role of the Southern Ocean in Global Climate Change
Convenors: Laura Robinson, Stephen Barker
Keynote: Sidney Hemming (Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia Uni)
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13a: Impact of Seasons on the Nutrient Dynamics (Natural and Anthropogenic) in the Tropical Aquatic Ecosystems
Convenors: Ramanathan Alagappan, M. Bala Krishna Prasad, tbc tbc
Keynotes: Wolanski Eric (Australian Institute of Marine Science) , Robert R. Twilley (Louisiana State University)
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13e: Formation Mechanisms, Stability, and Distribution of Oxyanions in the Environment
Convenors: W. Andrew Jackson, Neil Sturchio, Baohua Gu, John Karl Bohlke
Keynote: John Karl Bohlke (USGS)
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14a: Organo-Mineral Interactions in the Critical Zone: Mineral Weathering and Carbon Stabilization in Soil
Convenors: Erika Marin-Spiotta, Jon Chorover, Craig Rasmussen, Lixin Jin, Amanda Olsen, Elisabeth Hausrath
Keynotes: Georg Guggenberger (Leibniz University Hannover ) , Jennifer Harden (US Geological Survey)
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14d: Biogeochemical Cycle of Silicon: From Land to Ocean
Convenors: Suvasis Dixit, Philippe Van Cappellen
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14e: Isotope Tracers of Critical Zone Processes and Function
Convenors: Thomas Bullen, Friedhelm von Blanckenburg
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14f: Temporal Evolution and Life Cycle of the Critical Zone
Convenors: Stefano Bernasconi, Håkan Wallander
Keynote: Duane Peltzer (Landcare Research, Lancaster, New Zealand)
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14g: Biological Weathering in the Critical Zone: From Nano to Global Scale
Convenors: Megan Andrews, Kent Keller
Keynotes: David Beerling (University of Sheffield) , Robert Berner (Yale University)
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14h: Critical Zone Processes Across Environmental Gradients
Convenors: F. Chabaux, L. Derry, Lin Ma
Keynote: Yves Godderis (CNRS Toulouse)
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16a: Applications of Novel Isotope Tracing Techniques to Biogeochemical Cycles
Convenors: Nathaniel Ostrom, Stephen Macko
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16d: Novel Approaches to Understand the Biological Pump of the Oceans at Present and in Future Climate Change Scenarios: Higher Trophic Level Contributions, Additional Sources and Fluxes, and Innovative Measuring Procedures
Convenors: Mario Lebrato, M. Debora Iglesias-Rodriguez
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20j: Trace Element Speciation and Reactivity: Advanced Analytical and Operational Methods
Convenors: David Point, David Amouroux, Holger Hintelmann, Olivier Clarisse
Keynote: Hao Zhang
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Scope of theme:
The "Global Element Cycles and Climate Change" theme covers the global scale cycling of elements and their isotopes, including sedimentary records, modern processes, and future predictions. Areas of interest include, but are not limited to, the carbon and sulfur cycles, radiogenic and stable isotope proxies for tracking elemental cycles, and all aspects of ancient and modern climate change.