Program for Session 16e

Tuesday 15th June AM: Room 200-C

16e (Oral): Biogeochemical Controls on Mercury Transformation and Global Cycling
Session chaired by Baohua Gu, Kathryn Nagy, Xinbin Feng, Liyuan Liang & Thorjorn Larssen

09:30  Keynote: New Insight into Mercury Biogeochemistry from Mercury Stable Isotopes
Blum J
10:00  Mass Independent Isotope Fractionation of Mercury during its Photochemical Reduction by Low-Molecular-Weight Organic Compounds
Zheng W & Hintelmann H
10:15  Invited: A 1D Global box Model for Mercury Stable Isotopes
Sonke J
10:30  Focus on Hg Methylation and Demethylation by Sulfate-Reducers at the Cellular Scale: The Use of Isotopic Tracers to Determine Transformation Rates, Uptake and Subcellular Localization
Monperrus M, Pedrero Z, Bridou R, Mounicou S, Guyoneaud R & Amouroux D
10:45  Invited: Mercury Toxicity and Mercury Resistance in a Bacterial Model System
Miller S, Lipton M & Summers A
11:00  Desulfovibrio desulfuricans ND132 as a Model for Understanding Bacterial Mercury Methylation
Gilmour C, Elias D, Kucken A, Brown S, Palumbo A & Wall J
11:15  Differences in the Availability of Hg-Thiol Complexes to Anaerobic Bacteria
Schaefer J, Rocks S & Morel F
11:30  Microbial Community Structure and Methylmercury Production in a Managed Wetland Ecosystem
Holloway J, Mills C, Marvin-DiPasquale M, Alpers C, Windham-Meyers L, Fleck J & Goldhaber M
11:45  Methylmercury Production by Desulfovibrio desulfuricans ND132: Influences of Natural Organic Matter and Growth Stage
Biswas A, Brooks S, Miller C, Southworth G, Mosher J, Drake M & Yin X
12:00  A Preliminary Study on the Mechanism of Methylmercury Accumulation in Rice at Abandoned Mercury Mines in Guizhou, China
Feng X, Meng B, Qiu G, Zhang H, Li P & Shang L
12:15  Stability of Glutathione and Bioavailability of Mercury-Glutathione Complexes in Aquatic Systems
Amyot M, Poulain A, Moingt M, Bressac M & Bélanger D

Tuesday 15th June PM: Room 200-C

16e (Oral): Biogeochemical Controls on Mercury Transformation and Global Cycling
Session chaired by Baohua Gu, Kathryn Nagy, Xinbin Feng, Liyuan Liang & Thorjorn Larssen

13:30  Invited: Health Risks of Methylmercury with Special Reference to Fetus
Sakamoto M
13:45  Trophic Transfer of Methylmercury in a Simple Food Chain
Luengen A, Fisher N & Bergamaschi B
14:00  Using Transmission X-ray Microscopy, XAS, and µ-XRF to Study Hg Accumulation and Transformation in Spartina foliosa and Medicago sativa
Andrews J, Carrasco S, LeDuc D, Patty C, Millan R & Hernandez L
14:15  Hg(II) Adsorption and Speciation on Bacterial Surfaces
Mishra B, Fein J, Yee N, Beveridge T & Myneni S
14:30  The Reduction of Hg(II) and Complexation of Hg(0) with Natural Dissolved Organic Matter in Aquatic Environments
Bian Y, Miller C, Jiang X, Dong W, Liang L & Gu B
14:45  Identification of Metacinnabar in Mixed Mercury, Sulfide, and Dissolved Organic Matter Solutions Through Chromatographic Concentration and EXAFS
Gerbig C, Ryan J, Aiken G, Kim C, Stegemeier J & Moreau J
15:00  Photodegradation of Methylmercury is Enhanced by Complexation with Thiol-Containing Natural Organics
Zhang T & Hsu-Kim H
15:15  Invited: Mapping Mercury Vulnerability of Aquatic Ecosystems Across The Contiguous United States
Krabbenhoft D, Booth N, Fienen M & Lutz M
15:30  An Integrated Survey on Mercury Pollution and its Impacts in Guizhou Province, China
Larssen T, Zhang H & Feng X
15:45  Decrease in Net Methylmercury Production Following an Iron Amendment to Tidal Wetland Sediments
Ulrich P & Sedlak D
16:00  Invited: Indicators of Mercury Reactivity and Bioavailability in a Torrential River System Impacted by Former Mercury Mining
Horvat M, Žižek S, Toman MJ, Ogrinc N, Kanduč T & Kocman D
16:15  Interaction of Hg and Other Metals with Marine Macroaggregates
Koron N, Faganeli J, Falnoga I, Šlejkovec Z, Kovač N & Mazej D

Tuesday 15th June PM: Room Ex

16e (Poster): Biogeochemical Controls on Mercury Transformation and Global Cycling

335  Exploring Complex Relationships Among Fish Tissue Mercury Concentrations, Drivers of Trophic Status, and Watershed Characteristics in Maine Lakes
Bacon LC, Amirbahman A, Norton SA, Simon K & Fernandez IJ
336  Photochemical Reactions of Mercuric Sulfide Nanoparticles
Carraway E & Xu X
337  Microbial Methylation of Mercury Sulfides: Comparison between Dissolved Hg-Sulfides, Nanoparticulate and Bulk Scale HgS
Deshusses M, Zhang T & Hsu-Kim H
338  Development of a Dynamic Mercury Cycling Model for the Gulf of Mexico
Harris R, Pollman C, Landing W, Morey S, Dukhovskoy D & Axelrad D
339  Mercury Deposition Through Litterfall and Subsequent Accumulation in Soils: Does Forest Community Type Matter?
Juillerat J & Ross D
340  The Impacts of Mariculture on Mercury Distribution in Sediments and Cultured Fish
Liang P, Shao D, Wang H, Wu S, Shi J & Wong M
341  Reduction of Hg(II) to Hg(0) by Nitrate Enrichment Cultures Derived from Subsurface Sediments
Lin C-C, Wang Y, Wiatrowski H, Yee N & Barkay T
342  Inter-Comparison of Methods to Detect Methylmercury in Porewater of Rice Paddy
Liu J, Feng X, Shang L, Qiu G, Yan H & Yao H
343  Complexation and Reactivity of Mercury with Natural Organic Matter (NOM) and Particles in East Fork Poplar Creek in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA
Miller C, Gu B & Liang L
344  Molecular Scale Transformations of Hg(II) during Coupled Biotic and Abiotic Processes
Mishra B, Boyanov M, O'Loughlin E & Kemner K
345  Enhanced Dissolution of Cinnabar by Dissolved Organic Matter in Anoxic Solutions
Nagy K & Kerr M
347  Metabolic Diversity and Identification of Soil Microbial Communities in Mercury Contaminated Soil of Oak Ridge, TN
Wright K, McNeal K & Han F