Program for Session 08c

Thursday 17th June AM: Room 300-C/D

08c (Oral): Geochemical Processes in Continental Collision Zones I
Session chaired by Yong-Fei Zheng & Simon Cuthbert

09:30  Keynote: Subduction-Collision Transition and Preservation of Subduction-Zone Geochemical History in HP/UHP Metamorphic Suites
Bebout G
10:00  Invited: Hydrogen Isotopes and Water Contents in Minerals from UHP Metamorphic Rocks
Chen R-X, Zheng Y-F & Gong B
10:15  Evolution of Fluid Chlorinity Indicated by Cl-Bearing Minerals in the Processes of Subduction and Exhumation of UHP Eclogites of Yangkou from the Sulu Ultrahigh Pressure Metamorphic Terrane, China
Liu J, Zhang L, Mao Q & Ye K
10:30  Assessing the Relationship between Excess Argon Content and Recrystallization of Ultrahigh-Pressure Metamorphic Rocks
Menold C, Grove M & Manning C
10:45  Invited: Dissolution of Minerals into Ultrahigh-Pressure (UHP) Fluid and Element Mobilization during Small-Scale UHP Fluid–rock Interaction
Ye K, Guo S, Chen Y & Liu J
11:00  Zircon Trace Element Geochemistry from UHP to Exhumation Conditions, North-East Greenland Caledonides
McClelland WC, Gilotti JA & Wooden JL
11:15  In situ U-Pb Dating, Oxygen Isotope and Trace Element Analyses of Zircons from Quartz Vein and Host UHP Eclogite in the Dabie Orogen
Sheng Y-M & Zheng Y-F
11:30  Invited: Distinguishing Metamorphic Growth from Recrystallization of Zircon in Eclogite-Facies Metamorphic Rocks
Xia Q-X, Chen R-X & Zheng Y-F
11:45  Constrains on the Timing of Partial Melting Events in the Sulu UHP Rocks
Zeng L, Gao L-E, Yu J & Hu G
12:00  Partial Melting Processes during Exhumation of the Subducted Continental Crust in the Sulu UHP Terrane, China
Li H, Ye K, Liu J & Wang D
12:15  The Retrograde Partial Melting of the Xitieshan UHP Eclogite from the North Qaidam, NW China
Chen D, Liu L, Sun Y & Zhu X

Thursday 17th June PM: Room 300-C/D

08c (Oral): Geochemical Processes in Continental Collision Zones II
Session chaired by Bill C. McClelland & Kai Ye

13:30  Slow Cooling in the Lowermost Crust of a Continent-Continent Collision: Evidence from Accessory Phase U-Pb Thermochronology of Deep Crustal Xenoliths from the Mozambique Belt, Tanzania
Blondes M, Rudnick R, Ramezani J, Piccoli P & Bowring S
13:45  Invited: Zircon as an Unique Window for the Tectonic Evolution of UHP Metamorphic Terrane: Mineral Inclusions and U-Pb SHRIMP Age
Liu F & Liou J
14:00  Dating of Multi-Stage Metamorphism Events: Constraints on Episodic Zircon Growth from Retrograded Eclogites of the South Altyn Tagh, China
Liu L, Chen D, Wang C, Cao Y, Kang L, Yang W & Zhu X
14:15  Two Episodes of Eclogite-Facies HP Metamorphism in Huwan Shear Zone and its Implication for Evolution of the Western Dabie Orogen, Central China
Liu X, Wu Y & Zhao L
14:30  Zr-in-Rutile Thermometry in HP/UHP Eclogites from Western China
Zhang G, Ellis D, Christy A, Zhang L & Song S
14:45  Contrasting Behavior of Nb and Ta during Magma Differentiation and Subduction Dehydration Processes: Implications for the Continental Crust
Xiao Y, Huang J, Gao Y & Wu W
15:00  Invited: The Subduction of Continental Crust, the Origin of PO Granitoids, and the Evolution of the Svecofennian Shield
Brueckner H
15:15  Medal: Remelting of Subducted Continental Lithosphere: Petrogenesis of Mesozoic Magmatic Rocks in the Dabie-Sulu Orogenic Belt
Zhao Z-F & Zheng Y-F
15:45  Partial Melts from Thick Lower Continental Crust: Geochemical Characterization and Identification
He Y-S, Li S-G, Hoefs J, Huang F & Liu S-A
16:00  The Dongargarh Bimodal Volcanic Province and the Large Igneous Province Conundrum
Asthana D, Pophare A, Crawford A & Kanojkar D
16:15  Geochemical Insights into Reworking of Juvenile and Ancient Crustal Rocks in Arc-Continent and Continent-Continent Collision Zones
Zheng Y-F

Thursday 17th June PM: Room Ex

08c (Poster): Geochemical Processes in Continental Collision Zones

104  Norwegian Garnet Websterites: Analogues for Mantle Metasomatism?
Cuthbert S, Qas-Cohen A, Ballentine C, Burgess R & Droop G
105  Multiphase Solid Inclusions in UHP Eclogite from the Dabie Orogen: Constraints on the Nature of Metamorphic Fluid/Melt during Continental Subduction-Zone Metamorphism
Gao X-Y & Zheng Y-F
106  The Presence of Molecular Water in Addition to Structural Hydroxyl in Nominally Anhydrous Minerals from UHP Metamorphic Rocks
Gong B & Zheng Y-F
107  Geochemistry and Geochronology of a Precambrian Active Continental Margin at the Boundary between the Ossa Morena Zone and the Central Iberian Zone, Central Portugal
Henriques SBA, Neiva AMR, Ribeiro ML & Dunning GR
108  Petrochronologic Constraints on Partial Melting in the Leo Pargil Dome, NW India
Lederer G, Cottle J, Jessup M, Langille J & Ahmad T
109  La-Ce and Sm-Nd Isotope Geochemistry of Early Proterozoic Imweon Leucogranite, Korea
Lee S-G, Asahara Y, Tanaka T, Kim NH & Song YS
110  Partial Melting during Continental Subduction-Zone Metamorphism: Evidence from Multiphase Solid Inclusions within Minerals of UHP Felsic Vein and Host Eclogite in the Dabie Orogen
Li S-N & Zheng Y-F
111  Diachronous Subduction and Exhumation of the Tongbai-Dabie-Sulu HP/UHP Metamorphic Belt in Central China
Liu X, Jahn B-M, Cui J & Lou Y
112  Petrological and Geochemical Evidence for the “Hot” Exhumation of UHP Metamorphic Rocks in Continental Subduction Zones
Lu X-N, Xia Q-X, Zhao Z-F & Zheng Y-F
113  Petrology and Metallogeny of Alkaline Magmatic Formations In Northern Vietnam
Nguyen TC, Pham B & Le TTH
114  Geochronology and Geochemistry of Peralkaline Metagranites in the Dabie-Sulu Terrane, Eastern China: Constraints on Neoproterozoic Tectonism along the Northeastern Margin of Yangtze Block
Qiu J & Hu J
115  Late Triassic Volcanic Activities at the Northwest Margin of Junggar Basin, Xinjiang, China
Ren M, Hu J, Qu H & Yong J
116  Zn-Rich Hercynite-Magnetite Assemblage in Gneiss and Metasedimentary Rocks from Lavadores (Northern Portugal)
Ribeiro MA, Sant'Ovaia H & Dória A
117  Geochemical Constraints on Tectonic Affinity of Eclogite and Granulite Protoliths in the Jiaodong Terrane, the Sulu Orogen
Tang J & Zheng Y-F
118  New Evidence for a Cambrian Suture Associated with the North Qaidam UHPM Belt
Walsh E & Menold C
119  Spatial Extent of Influence of Deeply Subducted Continental Crust to Adjacent Lithosphere: Constraints from Sr-Nd-Pb Isotopic Compositions of Mesozoic Gabbros and High-Mg Diorites in Western Shandong, China
Yang D, Xu W, Yang C & Pei F
120  Geochronology and Geochemistry of the I-Type Granitic Pluton from the South Qilian Belt, NW China
Yong Y, Xiao WJ & Chen W
121  Twenty-Five Years of Ultrahigh-Pressure Metamorphism and Continental Deep-Subduction
Zha X-P
122  Geochronology and Hf Isotopic Composition of Mafic Dykes in Qinling Orogen, Central China
Zhang C-L & Luo J-L
123  Continental Accretion by Arc-Continent Collision during the Columbia Assembly in South China
Zhang S-B & Zheng Y-F

Friday 18th June AM: Room 300-C/D

08c (Oral): Geochemical Processes in Continental Collision Zones III
Session chaired by Lingsen Zeng & Shuguang Song

09:30  Keynote: Continental Crust Growth as a Result of Continental Collision: Ocean Crust Melting and Melt Preservation
Niu Y, Zhao Z, Zhou S, Zhu D, Dong G, Mo X, Xie G & Dong X
10:00  Magnesium Isotopic Composition of A-Type Granites from NW India-Asia Collision Zone, Xinjiang, China
Ke S, Teng F-Z, Mo XX & Luo ZH
10:15  Mid-Eocene (42-44 Ma) Melting of Overthickened Crustal Materials in the Himalayan Collisional Belt
Gao L-E, Zeng L & Xie K
10:30  Geochemistry of Granitoids of the Kerala Khondalite Belt, Southern India – Magmatic Petrogenesis in an Arc-Accretion Setting
Ravindra Kumar G & Sreejith C
10:45  U-Pb Zircon Ages and Hf Isotopic Compositions of the Magmatic and Metamorphic Rocks from Nyingchi Group in Eastern Himalayan Syntaxis and their Geological Implications
Guo L, Zhang H, Xu W & Shi Z