Program for Session 16c

Tuesday 15th June PM: Room Ex

16c (Poster): Geochemistry and Biogeochemistry of Toxic Elements in the Environment

309  Bioaccumulated Metals in Native Plants from the Mining Area of Rodalquilar (South Spain)
Bagur-González MG, Morales-Ruano S, Martín Peinado FJ, Estepa Molina C & Carrillo Rosúa FJ
310  Abiotic and Biotic Contribution in the Formation of Al and Si Rich Iron-Stromatolites (Tharsis, SW Spain)
Caraballo MA, Sarmiento AM, Nieto Liñán JM & Sanchez-Rodas D
311  Zinc Removal by Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria: Implications for Acid Mine Drainage Treatment
Castillo Hernandez JC, Perez Lopez R, Caraballo Monge M & Nieto Liñan JM
312  Using Sediment Fuel Cells to Detect Contaminants in Aquatic and Shallow Subsurface Environments
de Jong LM, Bohncke NC, van Rossum PH & van der Weijden RD
313  Interaction between Aluminium Ion and Poly(acrylic Acid) in Aqueous Solution
Etou M, Masaki Y, Bai S, Tsuji Y, Okaue Y & Yokoyama T
314  Selective Chemical Extraction of Heavy Metals and Arsenic in Soils Contaminated by Mining Activity (Northern Portugal): Biogeochemical Implications
Favas P, Pratas J & Gomes ME
315  Effects of Arsenic-Bearing Deposits on Groundwater Resources along Zagros Orogen in Iran
Ghazban F & Ardestani M
316  Application of the Modified-BCR Sequential Extraction Procedure to the Assessment of the Anthropogenic Pollution in Contaminated Soils from the City of Huelva (SW Spain)
Guillén MT, Delgado J, Nieto Liñán JM & Caraballo MA
317  An Assessment of Soil Contamination due to Selenium Around an Ash Pond of a Coal-Based Thermal Power Plant in China
Jiang S-M, Hua M & Zheng M-H
318  Mineral Species Controlling the Solubility of Al in Acid Sulfate Soil Waters
Jones A, Collins R & Waite TD
319  Geochemical and Mineralogical Characterization of Arsenic-Contaminated Soil at Chonam Gold Mine, South Korea
Kong M, Yoon H, Yoon C & Roh Y
320  Arsenic and Mercury Enrichments in the Sediments of the Geothermal Springs of Playa Santispac, Concepcion Bay, Baja California Peninsula
Leal-Acosta ML, Shumilin E, Sapozhnikov D, Gordeev V & Mirlean N
321  Cultivation Practices Affect Heavy Metal Migration between Soil and Vicia Faba
Li F, Ni L, Yuan J & Sheng GD
322  Divalent Metal Removal from Highly Metal Polluted Acid Mine Drainage, Iberian Pyrite Belt
Macías Suárez F, Caraballo Monge MA, Nieto Liñán JM & Ayora Ibañez C
323  Biogeochemistry of Manganese: Case Study in Venarch Mine, Iran
Makvandi S, Mohaghegh B & Mashhadi Akbar Boojar M
324  Comparative Geochemical Analysis of Arsenic Hotspots and Low-As Areas in Murshidabad, West Bengal, India
Neal A, Haug TJ, Johannesson K, Purkait B & Datta S
325  Runoff Water Pollution in India
Patel KS, Ambade A, Nicolas J & Yubero E
326  Environmental Geochemistry of Argemela Mine Area (Barco, Central Portugal)
Pereira E, Antunes IM & Monteiro MC
327  Mercury in Contaminated Soils from the Zlatna Mining District (Apuseni Mountains, Romania)
Petrescu L, Denisa J & Milu C
328  Uranium Accumulation in the Plants of the Old Mine of Sevilha (Central Portugal
Pratas J, Favas P, Paulo C & Rodrigues N
329  Selenium Fractionation in Se-Rich Soils and Rock Spoils in Enshi by Alkaline Extraction
Qin H-B, Zhu J-M, Lei L & Su H
330  Identification of Geochemical Facies and Processes of Fluoride Enrichment in Ground Water of Fracture Granitic Aquifer of Chimakurthy Watershed, Southern India
Reddy A & Reddy D
331  Arsenic Bioaccessibility Through in Vitro Extractions of Mine Wastes
Shdo S, Francies J & Kim C
332  Speciation and Migration Pathways of 137Cs and Plutonium Isotopes on Geochemical System River – Sea
Travkina A & Stepanets O
333  Statistical Evaluation of Seasonal Variation of Trace Elements in Soils and Tea Plants from the Çayeli Cu Deposit (NE Turkey)
Yaylali-Abanuz G & Tüysüz N
334  The Pathways of Selenium Poisoning in Enshi, China
Zhu J-M, Johnson TM, Qin H-B & Su H-C

Thursday 17th June AM: Room 200-C

16c (Oral): Geochemistry and Biogeochemistry of Toxic Elements in the Environment
Session chaired by Rona J. Donahoe & Dibyendu Sarkar

09:30  Keynote: Geochemical Modeling of Speciation and the Prediction of Bioaccessibility: Can the Former Lead to the Latter?
Essington M
10:00  Arsenic Bioaccessibility: What Does Soil Have to do with it?
Donahoe R
10:15  (Micro)spectroscopic Investigations of Arsenic Speciation Trends in Mine Wastes
Kim C & Rytuba J
10:30  Binding of Arsenic to Natural Organic Matter in a Minerotrophic Peatland
Langner P, Mikutta C & Kretzschmar R
10:45  Effect of Citrate on the Structure of Ferrihydrite, Arsenate Binding, and Ternary Complex Formation
Mikutta C, Frommer J, Voegelin A, Kaegi R & Kretzschmar R
11:00  Influence of Vegetation Type and Climate on Native Selenium Distribution and Speciation in Soils
Le Hécho I, Tolu J, Bueno M, Thiry Y & Potin-Gautier M
11:15  Biotransformation of Selenium in Multispecies Biofilm
Yang S-I, Pickering IJ & Lawrence JR
11:30  Oxidation State and Temperature Influences Cr Sorption with Struvite
Rouff A & Maza D
11:45  Controls on the Formation of Geogenic Cr(VI) in Soils of the Sacramento Valley, California
Mills C, Morrison J & Goldhaber M
12:00  Chromium Hydroxide Dissolution Through Abiotic and Biotic Processes
Braud A, Hua B & Deng B
12:15  High Cd Concentrations in Bajocian Carbonates in the Swiss Jura Mountains: Evidences for Hydrothermal Input
Efimenko N, Spangenberg J, Schneider J, Chiaradia M, Adatte T, Matera V & Föllmi K

Thursday 17th June PM: Room 200-C

16c (Oral): Geochemistry and Biogeochemistry of Toxic Elements in the Environment
Session chaired by Rona J. Donahoe & Dibyendu Sarkar

13:30  Hydrogeochemical Response of Land-Use in the Aquatic Eco-Region Xingu-Tapajós (Brazilian Amazon): Emphasis on Trace Elements
Cesar R, Castilhos Z, Colonese J, Vidal R, Egler S & Araujo P
13:45  Potential Ecological Risk Assessment Model for Heavy Metal Contamination of Agricultural Soils
Li ZQ, Liu W, Lu DP & Wang JZ
14:00  Disposable Sensors for [Zn2+], [Cd2+] and [Pb2+] Determination in Natural Samples
Parat C, Authier L, Aguilar D, Companys E, Galceran J & Potin-Gautier M
14:15  Sorption of Oxytetracycline on Magnetite-Water Interface
Rakshit S, Punamiya P, Datta R & Sarkar D