Program for Session 05a

Monday 14th June PM: Room 301-A

05a (Oral): Ridge-Crest Hydrothermal Systems: New Insights from Field, Laboratory, and Theoretical Studies
Session chaired by Jeffery Seewald & Jun-Ichiro Ishibashi

13:30  Keynote: Volcanic and Tectonic Geothermal Systems in Iceland
Arnórsson S
14:00  Chemistry of Newly-Discovered Hydrothermal Vents in the East Scotia Sea
James R, Connelly D, Green D, Alker B, Hawkes J & German C
14:15  A New Approach for Deducting in situ pH Value of Hydrothermal Fluid in the Reaction Zone at Mid-Ocean Ridges
Ding K, Seyfried W, Pester N & Seyfried E
14:30  Phase Equilibria Controls on Mass Transfer Reactions in the Rainbow Hydrothermal System
Pester N, Rough M, Ding K & Seyfried W
14:45  High Production of H2 and CH4 and Abiotic Hydrocarbons in Ultramafic-Hosted Hydrothermal Systems on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge (MAR)
Charlou JL, Donval JP, Konn C, Ondreas H, Fouquet Y, Jean-Baptiste P & Fourre E
15:00  Experiments of Olivine Reacted with Aqueous Solutions at High Temperatures and its Implication for MOR Hydrothermal Reactions
Zhang X, Zhang R & Hu S
15:15  H2 Generation during Simulated Earthquake Faulting: Its Implication for Subsurface Microbial Evolution
Suzuki K & Hirose T
15:30  Ar Diffusion in Basaltic Glass and Implications for Thermochronology in Oceanic Ridge Settings
Manganelli S & Grove M
15:45  Fluid-Mineral Equilibria in Subseafloor Reaction Zones beneath Eastern Manus Basin Vent Fields
Seewald J, Bach W & Reeves E
16:00  Stable Isotope Studies of Manus Basin Hydrothermal Vent Fluids and Deposits
Shanks WCP, Ono S, Seewald J, Reeves E, Tivey M & Craddock P

Monday 14th June PM: Room Ex

05a (Poster): Ridge-Crest Hydrothermal Systems: New Insights from Field, Laboratory, and Theoretical Studies

57  Advanced Argillic Alteration at the Desmos Caldera, Manus Basin
Bach W, Niedermeier D, Schwander D & Seewald J
58  A Comparative Study of Rare Earth Element Concentration in Copper-Sulfides from Different Hydrothermal Sites on the MAR
Evrard C, Barrat J-A & Fouquet Y
59  Chalcophile Elements in Peridotites as a Proxy for Sulfide Mineralization during Serpentinization
Gionfriddo C, Bizimis M, Sen I & Salters V
60  Helium and Carbon Geochemistry of Hydrothermal Fluids on the Southern East Pacific Rise at 11-32 ˚S
Hamasaki H, Ishibashi J-I, Ueno Y, Lupton J & Ohmoto H
61  Modeling of Two-Phase Flow at the East Pacific Rise 9°50′N
Han L, Lowell R & Lewis K
62  Silica Solubility and Transport in Saline, Immiscible Fluids: Application of the Si-Cl Geothermobarometer to Sub-Seafloor Hydrothermal Systems
Steele-MacInnis M, Bodnar RJ, Lowell R & Rimstidt JD