Program for Session 01d

Tuesday 15th June AM: Room 300-A/B

01d (Oral): The New Mars: Geochemistry of a Neighbor Planet
Session chaired by Dave Des Marais & Scott M McLennan

09:30  The New Mars: Evolving Perceptions of the Nature of the Igneous Crust and the Mantle
McSween H
09:45  Lithium Isotope Composition of Mars – Corollary of Radial Heterogeneity in the Early Solar System?
Magna T, Mezger K & Fehr M
10:00  The Influence of Magmatism and Magmatic Fluids on the Geochemical Evolution of the Martian Crust
Ustunisik G, Nekvasil H & McCubbin F
10:15  Fumarolic Alteration and Implications for Mars
Hausrath E
10:30  Correlations of H2O and S in the Martian Midlatitudes
Karunatillake S, McLennan S, Squyres S, Gasnault O & Boynton W
10:45  Geochemical Perspectives on the Sedimentary Rock Cycle of Mars
McLennan S
11:00  Fe-Redox, Aridification, and Acidic Surface Waters on Early Mars
Hurowitz J, Fischer W, Tosca N & Milliken R
11:15  Diagenesis of Jarosite and Hematite: A Low Temperature Path to Nanophase Iron Oxides and “Specular” C-Axis Aligned Hematite on Mars
Elwood Madden M, Madden A, Hamilton V, Rimstidt JD, Zahrai S & Miller M
11:30  Keynote: Seeking Signs of Martian Life and Caching Samples for Potential Return to Earth
Pratt L
12:00  Potentially Habitable Ancient Environments in Gusev Crater, Mars
Des Marais D & Athena Science Team 
12:15  Water, Minerals, and the Fate of Organic Matter on Mars
Johnson A & Pratt L

Tuesday 15th June PM: Room Ex

01d (Poster): The New Mars: Geochemistry of a Neighbor Planet

19  Martian Analogs: Synthesis, Characterization, and Oxidation of Ferrous Iron Phyllosilicates
Beehr A & Catalano J
20  The Hematite-Pyrite Tandem Cell: Avenue to Understanding Mars Photochemical Water Oxidation?
Eggleston C, Parkinson B & Bramlett E
21  Surface Alteration of Fe-Ni Meteorites Analyzed by the Opportunity Mars Exploration Rover
Johnson J, Ashley J, Bell Iii J, Farrand W, Fleischer I, Jolliff B, Herkenhoff K & Yen A
22  Acid-Sulfate Weathering Pathways at Cerro Negro, Nicaragua
Marcucci E, Hynek B & McCollom T