Program for Session 22a

Monday 14th June PM: Room Ex

22a (Poster): General Low-Temperature Geochemistry

214  Geochemical Analyses as a Discriminating Tool for Paleoenvironmental Studies of Shallow-Marine Carbonate Rocks
Abbasi R & Adabi MH
215  Geochemistry and Tectonic Studies of Metavolcanics of Um Anab Area, North Eastern Desert, Egypt
Amin BM, Eltokhi M & Alaabed S
216  Carbon Isotope Record (δ13Ccarbonate) of the Middle to Late Jurassic (Callovian – Oxfordian) from the Algarve Basin, Portugal
Borges M, Fernandes P, Rodrigues B & Goodhue R
217  Arsenic Distribution in Laterites of the Balkan Peninsula and its Environmental Significance
Eliopoulos D, Economou-Eliopoulos M & Tsoupas G
218  Advanced Argillic Alteration in Tarom Zone, Central Alborz, Iran
Ghasemi A & Taghipour B
219  Powder Neutron Diffraction Studies of Ferrihydrite, a Nanocrystalline Material
Harrington R, Michel M, Parise J, Hausner D & Strongin D
220  Study on Qinglong Antimony Deposit, Guizhou Province, China: Buried History, Ore-Forming Temperature and Mineralizing Period
Hu Y, Wang J & Wang X
221  Helium Isotope in the Accreted Ice of Subglacial Lake Vostok (Antarctica)
Jean-Baptiste P, Fourré E, Petit J-R, Bulat S, Alekina I & Lipenkov V
222  Incorporation of Arsenate into Gypsum: Relevant to Hydrometallurgical Iron-Arsenic Coprecipitation Process
Jia Y, Zhang D & Demopoulos G
223  The Carlin Type Gold Deposits and its Geochemistry of Ore-Forming Fluid in Dian, Qian, Gui Provinces
Jun F & Han R
225  Identification of Natural Versus Anthropogenic Contributions to Groundwater Geochemistry Using an Integrated Hydrochemical, Statistical, and Mass Balance Modeling Approach
Kim K-H, Yun S-T, Mayer B, Kim H-M & Choi B-Y
226  Hydrochemical and Isotopic Characteristics of Shallow Groundwater in Areas Affected by the Norovirus
Lee J-H, Yun S-T, Kim S-O, Jeong YS, Mayer B, Kim K-H, Jheong W-H & Kim TS
227  The Study on the Equilibria of the System NaVO3 – NaH2PO4 – (NH2)2CO – H2O at 298 K
Peng Y & Zeng Y
228  Micromorphology and Mineralogy of Interbasaltic Palaeosols at Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland
Phillips D, Smith B, Russell M & McAlister J
229  Sources and Sinks of Iodine in the Atacama Desert, Northern Chile: Insights from the Nitrate Ore Fields and Supergene Zones of Cu Deposits
Reich M, Snyder G, Fehn U, Palacios C, Vargas G & Cameron E
230  REE Behaviour in Hydrothermal Altered Rocks from Karkas Mountains, North of Isfahan
Taghipour B & Mackizadeh MA
231  Trace Elements and Isotope Dating from Devonian-Carboniferous Boundary in China and its Pale Environment Significance
Wang Y-X, Wang Y-Y, Chen Y-J, Zhang M-Q & Li H-M

Friday 18th June PM: Room 200-E

22a (Oral): General Low-Temperature Geochemistry
Session chaired by

13:30  Origin of the Carbonate Bodies in the Mantle Peridotites of the Northern Semail Ophiolite
Alaabed S
13:45  Geochemistry of Fluvial Sediments of Brahmaputra-Jamuna River, Bangladesh: Constraints on Tectonic, Provenance and Weathering
Bhuiyan M, Rahman M, Dampare S & Suzuki S
14:00  Clay Mineral Grain Coating Quantification and Investigation, Ravenglass Estuary, UK
Daneshavar E & Worden R
14:15  Fractionation of Cl Isotopes during Precipitation of NaCl from a Nearly Pure NaCl Brine
Eggenkamp HGM, Marques JM & Graça H
14:30  The Geochemical Evolution of Ordovician Limestone Groundwater in the Coalfield of North China
Han Y, Wang G & Hu W
14:45  Testing Climatic Controls on Speleothem Dead Carbon Fraction in a Holocene Stalagmite: Implications for Speleothem-Based Radiocarbon Calibration
Johnson K, Magana A & Hu C
15:00  Boron Isotopic Geochemistry of the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica
Leslie D, Warner N, Vengosh A, Olesik J, Welch K & Lyons WB
15:15  In situ Neutralisation of Bauxite Residue ('Red Mud') by Cross Layer Leaching with Carbonated Mud
Santini T, Hinz C, Rate A, Gilkes RJ & Carter C
15:30  Sr and Nd Isotopic Geochemistry of the Indo-Gangetic Plains and the Role of Proximal Sources to the Building of the Floodplains
Tripathi JK, Bock B & Rajamani V
15:45  Geochemical Characteristics and Genesis of Sijiaoyanggou Lead-Zinc Deposits in Qinghai Province, China
Xu G, Shao Y, Yang Z & Zhang P
16:00  The Types of Hydrothermal Alteration and Behavior Trace Elements at Around of Eastern Black Sea Volcanites and Sulfide Deposits, Turkey
Karakaya N & Çelik Karakaya M