Program for Session 13b

Tuesday 15th June PM: Room 301-B

13b (Oral): Application of isotopic approaches to tracing contaminant sources, transport and transformations
Session chaired by Thomas Johnson & Avner Vengosh

14:30  Stable Cu and Zn Isotope Ratios as Tracers of Sources and Transport of Cu and Zn in Contaminated Soil
Bigalke M, Weyer S, Kobza J & Wilcke W
14:45  Cu Isotope Systematics of the Butte Mining District, Montana
Wall A, Heaney P, Mathur R, Gammons C & Brantley S
15:00  Stable Isotope Signals of Metal Contaminants in the Environment: The Search Continues
Bullen T & Widory D
15:15  Isotopic Tracing of the Origin and Transport of Perchlorate
Sturchio N, Beloso A, Bohlke J, Caffee M, Gu B, Hatzinger P, Heraty L & Jackson A
15:30  Stable Oxygen Isotope Measurements of Arsenic and Selenium Oxyanions
Larese-Casanova P & Blake R
15:45  Provenancing Arsenic Release and Organic Matter in Shallow Groundwaters of South and South East Asia
Lawson M, Ballentine C, Polya D, Bryant C & Boyce A
16:00  Sr Isotope Constraints on Natural Oxy-Anionic Contaminants in a Basin-Fill Aquifer (Arizona, USA)
Vinson D, McIntosh J & Vengosh A
16:15  Evaluating the Source and Pathway of Pb Incorporation in Human Bone and White-Tailed Deer Through the Use of Pb Isotopes
Darrah T, Poreda R, Prutsman-Pfeiffer J & Hannigan R

Tuesday 15th June PM: Room Ex

13b (Poster): Application of isotopic approaches to tracing contaminant sources, transport and transformations

213  Mercury Stable Isotope Tracing of Multiple Mercury Sources in the Tennessee River System
Bartov G, Johnson T, Ruhl L, Vengosh A & Southworth G
214  Determination of Hexavalent Cr Reduction Using Cr Stable Isotopes: Isotopic Fractionation Factors for in situ Redox Manipulation Zones
Basu A & Johnson T
215  Oxygen Isotopy of Arsenate/Arsenite: A Novel Approach to Constrain the Source of As in Groundwater
Berner ZA, Tang X & Norra S
216  Iron Isotope-Fractionation in Coastal Aquifers from the Grado-Marano Lagoon, Adriatic Sea (Italy): Preliminary Results
Castorina F, Lutman A, Pezzetta E & Petrini R
217  Identification of Recharge Process in Coastal Aquifers Around Cuddalore Region, Tamilnadu, South East Coast of India – A Geochemical Approach
Chidambaram S, Tirumalesh K, Manivannan R, Anandhan P & Srinivasamoorthy K
218  The Hydrochemical, Isotopic, and Multivariate Statistical Assessment of Nitrate Contamination of Groundwater in Rural Areas of Korea
Choi B-W, Yun S-T, Kim K-H, Mayer B, Choi B-Y, Lee B-Y, Kim H-M & Ko Y-H
219  Uranium Isotopic Systematics of the 300 Area (Hanford, WA) Groundwater Plume and U-Contaminated Sediments
Christensen JN, McKinley JP, Conrad ME, Stoliker D, Dresel PE, DePaolo DJ & Zachara JM
220  Permeability Reduction, Calcium and Sulfur Isotope Fractionation during Uranium Bioremediation
Druhan J, Conrad M, Williams K & DePaolo D
221  Hg Stable Isotopes in Human Hair as a Tracer for Dietary Hg Exposure
Laffont L, Sonke J, Maurice L, Bacarreza Y & Behra P
222  S and O Isotopes to Identify the Source of Sulfate in the Jialing River, a Headwater Tributary of the Yangtze
Li X-D, Liu C-Q, Liu X-L, An N & Bao L-R
223  Isotopic Evidence of Possible Cr(III) Oxidation in an Early Contaminated Site from NE Italy
Petrini R, Lutman A, Cavazzini G, Slejko F & Pezzetta E
224  Isotope Fractionation by Biomethylation of Inorganic Se Species
Schilling K, Johnson T & Wilcke W
225  Pb, Cd and Zn Isotopes as Source Tracers in Pacific/Atlantic Bivalves
Shiel AE, Weis D & Orians KJ
226  Chemical and Isotopic Investigation of Urbanized Streams in Daejeon, South Korea
Shin W-J, Lee K-S & Park Y
227  Incorporating Boron Isotope Compositions in a Spatial Investigation of the Fate of Contaminated Water
Slade AT & Whitehead B
228  Oxygen Isotopes in Phosphate as a Tracer for Sources and Pathways of Catchment P in Stream Water
Taubald H, Tonderski K, Andersson L, Ronnberg R & Ahlgren J
229  Constraining Coastal Pollution Using Stable Isotope Systematics
Torchinsky A, Shiel AE, Price M & Weis D
230  N and O Isotope Composition of Nitrate in Aquifers of the Naukluft Mountain Region, Namibia
Vennemann T, Reymond C, Bernhard C, Naude K & Miller J
231  Tracing Sources of Uranium Contamination Using Minor Isotopes
Widom E & Kuentz D
232  Groundwater Isotope Characteristics of the Potential Site of a High-Level Radioactive Waste Repository in the JiuJing Area in China
Zhou Z & Sun Z