Program for Session 13g

Thursday 17th June PM: Room 301-B

13g (Oral): Sustainable Management of Safe Aquifers in Areas Affected by High Groundwater Arsenic
Session chaired by Yan Zheng & Holly Michael

13:30  Evaluating Arsenic Adsorption in a Low Arsenic Aquifer in Bangladesh Using in situ and Laboratory Methods
Radloff K, Zheng Y, Michael H, Stute M, Mihajlov I, Ahmed KM & van Geen A
13:45  Keynote: Geochemical Implications for Sustainable Utilization of Low-Arsenic Aquifers in the Bengal Basin
Stollenwerk K
14:00  Invited: Heterogeneity of the Bengal Aquifer System and Security of As-Safe Deep Groundwater
Hoque MA, Burgess WG & Ahmed KM
14:15  Regional Modeling of Groundwater Flow and Arsenic Transport in the Bengal Basin: Effects of Sorption on Safe Groundwater Use
Michael HA, Voss CI, Radloff KA & Zheng Y
14:30  Targeting a Safe Aquifer in the Arsenic Contaminated Alluvial Deposits
Rahman MT, Mano A, Udo K & Ishibashi Y
14:45  Evaluation of Water Quality from Deep Wells in Bangladesh
Zheng Y, Van Agthoven A, Hakim A, Morsheda E, Rasul S, Huq I & Ghosh S
15:00  Geochemical Assessment of Geogenic Arsenic Contamination in the Floridan Aquifer
Lazareva O, Druschel G & Pichler T
15:15  Arsenic Association with Secondary Iron Phases on Ferroan Micas: Implications for Ground Water Quality in South Asia
Foster A, Lowers H, Breit G, Whitney J, Yount J, Uddin M & Muneem A
15:30  Arsenic not Attenuated during Downstream Transport in Gibbon and Firehole Rivers, Yellowstone National Park
Nordstrom DK, McCelskey RB, Susong DD & Ball JW
15:45  Arsenic Mitigation and Safe Water Provisions in Sedimentary Basins of Northern China: Utilization of Deep Aquifer and Piped Water System
Wen D, Zhang F, Guo J, Li X, Zhang E & Zheng Y
16:00  Subsurface Heterogeneity of High and Low Arsenic Aquifers Delineated by High Resolution Geophysical Survey in Datong Basin, Shanxi, China
Wu Y, Zhu Q, Li F & Li G
16:15  Keynote: Sustainability of Groundwater Abstraction in the Arsenic-Affected Bengal Basin, Bangladesh and West Bengal (India)
Ravenscroft P

Thursday 17th June PM: Room Ex

13g (Poster): Sustainable Management of Safe Aquifers in Areas Affected by High Groundwater Arsenic

227  Role of Major Ion Geochemistry in Delineating Polluted Parts in Southern Granitic Aquifer System, Andhra Pradesh, India
Atal S, NĂ©grel P, Pauwels H & Ahmed S
228  Detailed Prospecting of As-Low Sources in Southeastern France
Barats A, Feraud G, Potot C, Thaon A-L & Sollima D
229  Bicarbonate Competition in the Desorption of Arsenic Species from Sediments
Gao X, Hu Q, Wang Y & Liu X
230  Arsenic Distribution in Colloidal Size Fractions of High As Groundwaters in the Hetao Basin, Inner Mongolia
Guo H, Zhang B & Zhang Y
231  Hydrogelogical and Hydrochemical Characterization of Shallow High Arsenic and Deep Low Arsenic Aquifers in Yinchuan Plain: A Case Study of Deep Aquifer Development for Domestic Water Supply
Han S, Zhang H & Zhang M
232  Chlorite as a Primary Source of Arsenic in Groundwater Aquifer Sediments in Bengal Delta
Masuda H, Shinoda K, Noguchi N, Okudaira T, Takahashi Y, Mitamura M & Seddique AA
233  Low-Level Arsenic Contamination of Groundwater with Biomarker Monitoring in Union County, NC
Merola RB & Vengosh A
234  Column Experiments with Orange Bangladesh Sediments to Quantify Retardation in Low As Aquifers
Mihajlov I, Zheng Y, Stute M, Radloff KA, Ahmed KM & van Geen A
235  Hydrological Cycle, Hydrogeological Characteristics and Mobility of Arsenic in Groundwater in Watershed of Nanfei River, Anhui, China
Qian J, Liu Y, Luo S & Chen T
236  Hydro and Pedogeochemistry in Relation to Landuse/Landcover in Mungi Village, Medak District, Andhra Pradesh, India
Rajitha S & Saxena PR
237  Hydrogeochemical Studies in Nagavali Microwatershed-Vizianagaram District, Andhra Pradesh, India
Saxena PR & Chandra Mouli G
238  Mineralogical and Geochemical Profiling of Arsenic-Contaminated Aquifers in Central Bangladesh
Uddin A, Shamsudduha M, Saunders J, Lee M-K, Ahmed K & Chowdhury T
239  Flowpaths of Groundwater from Arsenic Contaminated Zone to Deeper Aquifers Under Development Stresses
Zahid A, Hassan MQ & Ahmed KM