Program for Session 02a

Thursday 17th June PM: Room Ex

02a (Poster): Evidence of impacts from the early Earth

Distal Transport (>650 km) of Detrital Shocked Zircon in a Cratonic Fluvial System: The Vaal River, South Africa
Erickson T, Cavosie A, Moser D & Radovan H
10  Petrology of the Crystalline Rocks Hosting the Santa Fe Impact Structure
Schrader C & Cohen B

Friday 18th June PM: Room 300-A/B

02a (Oral): Evidence of impacts from the early Earth
Session chaired by Aaron Cavosie & Des Moser

15:30  Impacts – The Key to Understand Earth
Huang H
15:45  Hot Shock vs. Cold Shock Zircon Across the Vredefort Dome; A Guide for Interpreting Residua of the LHB?
Moser D, Cupelli L, Barker I & Flowers R
16:00  Detrital Shocked Zircon
Cavosie AJ, Erickson TM, Radovan HA & Moser DE
16:15  Keynote: Seven Giant Impact Fallout Layers in the 3.5 to 3.2 Ga Barberton Greenstone Belt: Evidence and Implications
Byerly GR & Lowe DR