Program for Session 05d

Tuesday 15th June PM: Room 301-A

05d (Oral): Hydrothermal Organic Geochemistry
Session chaired by Everett Shock & Mitchell Schulte

13:30  Oxidation of Organics Under Hydrothermal Conditions: Implications for the Evolution of Methane on Mars
Foustoukos D & Stern J
13:45  Minerals Affect the Interconversion between Alkanes and Alkenes in Hydrothermal Systems
Shipp J, Hartnett H, Gould I, Shock E & Williams L
14:00  Keynote: Investigations of the Roles of Minerals in Hydrothermal Organic Geochemistry
McCollom T
14:30  Mechanistic Organic Geochemistry of Carboxylic Acids
Glein C, Gould I, Williams L, Hartnett H & Shock E
14:45  Reversible Functional Group Interconversion in Organic Hydrothermal Reactions – The Central Role of Ketones
Yang Z, Gould I, Williams L, Hartnett H & Shock E
15:00  Nucleic Acid Bases Under Hydrothermal Conditions by Densimetry, Calorimetry and UV-Visible Spectroscopy
Mann V & Tremaine P
15:15  Bioenergetics in Hydrothermal Systems
Canovas P & Shock E

Tuesday 15th June PM: Room Ex

05d (Poster): Hydrothermal Organic Geochemistry

77  Fluid Inclusions and Stable Isotope in Calcite of Trostyanets Volcanogenous Complex (Ukrainian Carpathians)
Bondar R, Naumko I & Zagnitko V
78  Experimental Investigations on TSR in a Mineral Buffered System with Fixed H2 and H2S Fugacities
Germerott S, Ostertag-Henning C & Behrens H
79  Abiotic Organic Synthesis in Clays
Holloway J, Williams L, Canfield B, Dick J, Hartnett H & Shock E
80  The Isotopic Composition of Carbon and Oxygen of Calcite of Veinlets and Enclosing Rocks within the Limits of the Lopushna Oil Field Ukrainian Carpathians)
Naumko I, Zagnitko V & Belets'ka Y
81  Thermodynamic Estimates for Aqueous Hydrocarbons
Windman T & Shock E