Program for Session 22d

Monday 14th June AM: Room 200-E

22d (Oral): Other Geochemistry
Session chaired by

09:30  Mineralogy and Geochemistry of the Neogene Lacustrine Sediments of Bor-Ulukisla Basin (Nigde, Turkey)
Altay T, Çelik Karakaya M & Murat A
10:00  Mineralogical and Geochemical Characteristics and Genesis of the Sepiolite Deposits at Polatlı Basin (Ankara, Turkey)
Çelik Karakaya M, Karakaya N & Temel A
10:15  The Microstructure of Trinitite, the Glassed Sand from the First Nuclear Explosion
Fahey A & Newbury D
10:30  Groundwater Quality Analysis in the Vicinity of Brick Kilns along the Highway Road of Rawalpindi and Islamabad
Farooqi A & Ramzan M
10:45  Distinct Neon Isotope Compositions found in Polycrystalline Diamonds and Framesites from the Jwaneng Kimberlite Pipe, Botswana
Honda M, Phillips D, Harris J & Matsumoto T
11:00  Quantitative Evaluation of Shock Pressure by Cathodoluminescence Analysis of Alkali Feldspar
Kayama M, Nishido H, Sekine T, Nakazato T & Ninagawa K
11:15  Geochemistry, Sr-Nd Isotope Abundances and Magnetic Studies in Some Deccan Basalts and their Bearing on Mixing Processes
Lala T, Patil SK, Paul DK & Chaudhary AK
11:30  Assessment of Heavy Metal Pollution in Sediments of Kazipalli Watershed, Northwest of Hyderabad (India) by Wavelength Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometry
Rama Mohan K, Keshav Krishna A, Murthy NN, Venkateswara Rao P, Santosh Kumar A, Sriharsha P & Yashoda S
11:45  The Analysis of Evaporites from the Area Around Boulby, North Yorkshire
Sapsford M, Petley D, Barlow J, Lim M, Norman E & Rosser N
12:00  Geochemical Assessment of Groundwater Quality Integrating Multivariate Statistical Analysis with GIS in Shiwaliks of Punjab, India
Singh CK, Shashtri S & Mukherjee S
12:15  Origin of the Neoformation Minerals in the Polatlı Volcano-Sedimentary Lacustrine Basin, Central Anatolia, Turkey
Temel A, Akdag N & Varol E

Monday 14th June PM: Room Ex

22d (Poster): Other Geochemistry

261  Heavy Metal Pollution in Soils Around the Abandoned Mine Sites of Nuggihalli Schist Belt, Karnataka, India
Aradhi AKK, Kurakalva KRM & Nyasavajhula NM
262  Geochemical Mass Balance of Major Chemical Constituents and Some Aspects of Trace Element Geochemistry in Groundwater of Patancheru Industrial Area, Andhra Pradesh, India
Banothu D, Satyanarayanan M, Keshav Krishna A & Sudharshan V
263  Regularities of Luminescence Variations of Substance of Different Geospheres of the Earth
Boroznovskaya N, Nedera T, Klimkin A, Klimkin V & Tihsin P
264  First Report of Oneillite from the Singhbhum Region, Purulia, West Bengal, India
Chakrabarty A & Sen AK
265  3D Numberical Modeling of Strain Field Around the Sumatra Influenced by the Coupling Effect along Subduction Zone
Dai L & Li S
266  Geochemistry and Geochronology of the Paleozoic Granitoids in the Eastern Central Tianshan Belt
Dong Y, Zhang G & Liu X
267  Geochemistry of Fly Ash-Brine Co-disposal Systems: Solubility Controls on Trace Elements
Fatoba OO, Petrik L, Gitari W & Iwuoha E
268  Developpment of a Fast Method of Mineralization for Routine Analysis of Matrix of the Agricultural Production
Heroult J, Parat C, Buissière S, Coriou C, Denaix L, Lespes G & Potin-Gautier M
269  Characterization of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in Aerosols Around Guiyang City, China
Hu J, Liu D, Zhang G & Zhang Y
270  Geochemistry Feature of F10 Fault and Ore Prospecting in Fengshan Copper Deposit, Yimen, Yunnan, China
Huang J, Han R & Wang L
271  Sequential Leaching Methods for Strontium Isotope Stratigraphy: Analysis of Marine Authigenic Carbonates and Phosphates
Li D, Shields G, Ling H-F & Thirlwall M
272  Geochemistry and Environmental Impact of Cadmium in Cadmium-Rich Pb–Zn Mine Wastes of Southwest China
Li H, Xiao TF, Li D, Zhu Z & Ning Z
273  Type Au(Cu) Ore Body Discovered First-Time in Tonglushan Deposit in Hubei Province
Ma G, Gong L, Hu S, He S & Gao E
274  Effect of Low Gravity on Water and Soil-Nutrient-Biomass Dynamics in a Martian Soil-Based Agricultural Plot
Maggi F & Pallud C
275  Heavy Metal Sediment Concentration Patterns within the Texas River System, USA and Hii River System, Japan
Matsumoto I, Hoffman D, McAlister J, Wolfe J & Ishiga H
276  Traces of Melting in Mantle Spinel Peridotite Xenolith from Khorog Volcano (Northern Mongolia)
Mekhonoshin A, Kolotitlina T & Pavlova L
277  Investigation of Heavy Metal Concentration in Soils and Factors Affecting Metal Uptake by Plants in the Vicinity of a Basaltic Terrain of Igatpuri, Nasik District, Maharashtra, India
Murthy N, Keshav Krishna A & Rama Mohan K
278  Mineralogical and Trace Element Characteristics of Noble Gas Carrier Phases of Interplanetary Dust Particles and Impact Debris in a Central Pacific Sediment Core
Poreda R & Darrah T
279  Geochemistry of the Pınarbaşı Granite (Gediz-Kutahya-Western Anatolia)
Semiz B, Ozpinar Y & Helvaci C
280  Heavy Metal Contamination of Surface Water at Jajmau (Kanpur) and Unnao Industrial Areas of the Ganga Plain, Uttar Pradesh, India
Srinivasa Gowd S & Ramakrishna Reddy M
281  Petrological Characteristics of Boninite, Chichijima Island, Japan – Vertical Petrological Diversity of Boninite Pillow Lava
Taku M & Matsumoto I
282  Uranium Minerals from the Picoto Uranium Mine Area, Central Portugal
Teixeira R, Antunes IM & Neiva A
283  Hyperspectral Mapping of Mineral Assemblages Using Spectral Unmixing
Wen X, Han R & Yang X
284  Trace Elements and REE Geochemistry of Liuju Sandstone-Type Copper Deposit, Yunnan, China
Wu P, Han R & Li J
285  Study on Ore-Forming Materials Source of Bauxite in Northern Guizhou Province, China
Xiang X, Han R, Jin Z & Wu G
286  Characteristics of Source Rocks and Hydrocarbon Generation in Yacheng Area of Western Qiongdongnan Basin, Northern South China Sea
Xiao J, Zhu CW & Liao JH
287  Petroleum Transformations in Reservoirs of Carboniferous Oils from the Tz4 Oilfield, Tarim Basin, NW China
Xiao Q & Sun Y
288  Huanglong Group Limestone Geochemical Constraints on the Formation of Bauxite in Xinmin, Northwest Guizhou Province, China
Xiao X, Wu G & Han R
289  Organic Matter Removal Mechanism in Artificial Soil Rapid Infiltration System
Xu WL & Zhang JQ
290  Toxicity of Arsenic and Antifouling Biocides to the Marine Plankton, Copepod Tigriopus japonicus
Yoon C, Yoon H-O & Chung K-S
291  Effective Application of Analytical Techniques Such as ICP, ICP-MS, and XRF for the Measurement of Toxic Elements Discharge Toward Ocean from Li Recovery Pilot Plant
Yoon H, Yoon C, Ko T & Chung K-S
292  Petrogenesis of Indosinian Volcanic Rocks in Songpan-Garze Fold Belt, Western China: New Evidence for Lithospheric Delamination
Zhang H & Cai H
293  Discussing the Metallogenic Conditions of Sandstone Uranium Ore at Pull-Apart Tectonic Setting
Zhou W, Wu R & Zhu M