Program for Session 13h

Thursday 17th June PM: Room Ex

13h (Poster): Gases in Groundwater

240  Detailed Spatial and Temporal Investigation of Methane Oxidation
Amos R, Bekins B & Cozzarelli I
241  Are CFCs Conservative Tracers in Subsurface Environments?
Choung S & Allen-King R
242  Partitioning Peatland Gas Prodution: Determining the Fraction of CO2 Produced from Methanogenesis
Corbett JE, Chanton JP, Burdige D, Glaser PH, Cooper WT, Siegel DI, Dasgupta SS & Tfaily MM
243  Tritium/Helium-3 Dating of Groundwaters Around Chernobyl Site
Fourré E, Jean-Baptiste P, Dapoigny A, Baumier D, Bugay D, Aquilina L, Labasque T, Le Gal La Salle C & Lancelot J
244  A Year-Long Field Record of Groundwater Noble Gases
Hall C, Sun T, Castro MC & Lohmann K
245  Development of a New Facility for Dating Old Groundwaters and Ice Cores Based on 81Kr Measurement
Lavielle B, Gilabert E & Thomas B
246  A Case-Study of 3He-3H Dated Groundwaters to Reconstruct Atmospheric 36Cl Inputs
Rebeix R, Le Gal La Salle C, Mayer A, Finkel R & Simler R
247  Influence of Oxygen Depletion on Noble Gas Partial Pressures in Soil Air
Schneider T & Aeschbach-Hertig W

Friday 18th June AM: Room 301-B

13h (Oral): Gases in Groundwater
Session chaired by Werner Aeschbach-Hertig & Richard Amos

09:30  Invited: SF6 Tracers and the Subsurface Attenuation of Nutrients
Chanton J, Harden H, Hicks R, Katz B & Wade E
09:45  Invited: Noble Gas Composition and Reactive Gas Fluxes: Indicators for Natural Attenuation Processes in Contaminated Aquifers
Mayer KU, Jones K, Kipfer R, Sihota N & Singurindy O
10:00  Transport of Volatile Contaminants in Groundwater by Gas Expansion and Mobilization Above a Dense Nonaqueous Phase Liquid Pool
Mumford KG, Smith JE & Dickson SE
10:15  Paleoclimate Information from Degassed Groundwaters
Aeschbach-Hertig W, Blaser P & Walraevens K
10:30  A Multi Tracer Study of Groundwater Origin and Transit-Time in the Fore Deep Basin of the Southern Alps
Mayer A, Sueltenfuss J, Travi Y, Rebeix R, Conchetto E, Le Gal La Salle C, Miche H, Purtschert R & Claude C
10:45  Keynote: Gases in Managed Aquifer Recharge
Solomon DK & Heilweil VM
11:15  Galapagos Islands – Tracing a Volcanic Groundwater System Using Noble Gases
Warrier RB, Castro MC, Hall CM & d'Ozouville N
11:30  Investigation of Matrix Fluids in Fractured Aquifers Through Various Gas Analyses
Labasque T, Aquilina L, Bour O, De Montety V & Fourre E
11:45  Invited: Excess Air Formation Below Spreading Ponds
Clark J
12:00  Process Oriented Modeling of Gas Evolution in Iron-Based Permeable Reactive Barriers
Weber A, Ruhl AS & Amos RT
12:15  Noble Gases in the Natural Gas of Western New York and North-Central Pennsylvania: Natural Analogs for Evaluating Possible Impacts of Carbon Sequestration and Horizontal Drilling
Hunt AG, Laughrey CD & Poreda RJ