Program for Session 19a

Monday 14th June PM: Room 200-A

19a (Oral): In situ observations of fluid-mineral interfacial structure, dynamics and reactivity
Session chaired by Paul Fenter & Gernot Rother

13:30  Cesium Sequestration into a Microporous Gallosilicate Framework
Leftwich K & Celestian A
13:45  The Mechanisms of Sr Ion Exchange into Partially Niobium Substituted Sitinakite
Kramer S & Celestian A
14:00  Invited: Structure and Reactivity of Hydrated Goethite (100) Interface and Arsenic Sorption: CTR and RAXR Study
Ghose S, Waychunas G, Eng P & Trainor T
14:15  Atomic Structure at the Quartz (101) – Water Interface by X-Ray Scattering Method
Zhang Z, Fenter P & Wesolowski D
14:30  Keynote: Extrapolating Investigations of Ion and Molecular Adsorption at the Muscovite (001)-Water Interface to Systems in Earth, Environmental, and Materials Science
Nagy K, Lee SS, Park C, Schlegel M, Cheng L, Sturchio N & Fenter P
15:00  In situ Observations of Competitive Adsorption of Monovalent Ions at the Muscovite (001)-Water Interface
Lee SS, Park C, Sturchio N, Nagy K & Fenter P
15:15  Dynamics and Structure of Interlayer H2O in K-Saturated Hectorite Probed by 2H and 39K NMR and Neutron Spin-Echo (NSE) Spectroscopy
Bowers G, Kalinichev A, Faraone A, Bish D & Kirkpatrick RJ
15:30  Invited: Pico- to Nano-Second Dynamics of Water on Mineral Surfaces
Mamontov E, Vlcek L, Wesolowski D, Cole D, Anovitz L, Wang W & Cummings P
15:45  Sorption and Wetting Properties of Pore Fluids Probed by Neutron Scattering Techniques
Rother G, Horita J, Cole D & Littrell K
16:00  Invited: How Pores Grow in Shale during Rock-Water Interaction: A SANS/USANS Study
Jin L, Rother G, Cole D & Brantley S
16:15  Analysis of Nano-Porosity in the St. Peter Sandstone Using (Ultra) Small Angle Neutron Scattering
Anovitz L, Cole D, Rother G, Valley J & Jackson A

Monday 14th June PM: Room Ex

19a (Poster): In situ observations of fluid-mineral interfacial structure, dynamics and reactivity

188  Imaging Ion Adsorption with Total External Reflection X-Ray Standing Waves
Kohli V, Fenter P, Libera J, Elam J, Liu C, Rosenqvist J, Bedzyk M, Machesky M & Wesolowski D
189  Structure of Hydrated UO2 Surfaces
Stubbs J, Eng P, Waychunas G, Paffett M & Bargar J
190  X-Ray Luminescence Study of REE Behaviour in Fluorites from Gold-Bearing Metasomatites, SE Siberia
Veklenko V, Boroznovskaya N, Tishin P, Biryukov E & Tsyro N