Program for Session 07e

Monday 14th June AM: Room 300-C/D

07e (Oral): Accessory phase elemental and isotopic geochemistry: micro-analytical tools and petrologic applications
Session chaired by Rita Economos, John Ayers & John Dilles

09:30  Zircon Crystallization and the Life-Times of Magmatic-Hydrothermal Ore Systems
Heinrich C, Martinek K, Erni M, von Quadt A & Peytcheva I
09:45  Using Zircon to Decode the Timing & Source of Au Mineralization
Schneider DA & Bachtel J
10:00  Zircon and Titanite Geochemical and Age Constraints on Ore-Related Magmas
Peytcheva I, von Quadt A & Tacheva E
10:15  Effects of Magma Hybridization and Late-Magmatic Fluids on Zircon in a Variscan Post-Collisional Pluton
Kusiak MA, Dunkley DJ & Słaby E
10:30  Insights into Ancient Magma Chamber Evolution Based on Sr and Nd Isotopic Composition of Apatite
Samson S & Dasgupta T
10:45  U-Pb and Trace Elements in Xenotime from Sediment-Hosted Co-Cu-Au and Cu-Ag Deposits, ID-MT
Aleinikoff J, Slack J, Hayes T, Fanning M, Mazdab F & Wooden J
11:00  Cathodoluminescence Characteristics of Various Sphalerite Ores from Turkey
Ciftci E
11:15  Quartz-Vein Wolframite Ore and Granitoid Magmatism: Spatial and Genetic Connection
Badanina E, Abushkevich V & Syritso L
11:30  Plutonic Imaging of Two Proterozoic Underplating Events in the NW Wyoming Province from Hf-Isotopes of Zircon from Cretaceous Batholiths
Foster D, Mueller P, Heatherington A, Kamenov G & Gifford J
11:45  Origin of Granitoids of the Kerala Khondalite Belt, Southern India: Biotite as Potential Tectonomagmatic Indicator
Sreejith C, Ravindra Kumar G & Babu E
12:00  Fingerprinting of Kimberlite Sources by Isotope Studies of Accessory Minerals: A Mantle Tracer
Sarkar C, Storey C, Hawkesworth C, Sparks S & Field M
12:15  Microgeochemistry of Rutile and Zircon in Eclogites from the CCSD Main Hole: Implications for the Fluid Activity and Thermo-History of the UHP Metamorphism
Gao C, Liu Y & Zong K

Monday 14th June PM: Room Ex

07e (Poster): Accessory phase elemental and isotopic geochemistry: micro-analytical tools and petrologic applications

87  Melt Evolution in a Calc-Alkalic Batholith Recorded in Silicate and Oxide Mineral Assemblages
Barth A, Wooden J & Mueller P
88  Southern U.S. Cordillera Pre-Magmatic Zircons: Sounding a Cordilleran Source Region
Economos R, Barth A & Wooden J
89  Reactions of Accessory Minerals during Sub-Solidus Alteration of Granitic Rocks by As-Rich Fluids
Förster H-J, Ondrejka M & Uher P
90  Geochemical Characteristics of Hydrothermal Alteration Zones in the Sarcheshmeh Porphyry Copper Deposit, SE of Iran
Khalili M & Mehrabi Kermani M
91  Regional Correlation of the Precambrian Basement Across the Baltic Sea (N Poland): Evidence from U-Pb Dating of Accessory Zircon
Krzeminska E, Williams I, Wiszniewska J & Krzeminski L
92  Stable Chlorine Isotope Study of Standard Rocks and Allende Meteorite by TIMS
Nakamura N, Nyquist L, Reese Y & Shih C-Y
93  Lead Isotope Variations and Tectonic Terranes in Southern Mexico
Potra A & Macfarlane AW
94  Carbon Isotope Composition of CO2 from Fluid Inclusions in Quartz
Semenova D, Ponomarchuk V, Timkina A & Tretjakova P
95  Ce Speciation in Silicate Melts
Smythe D, Brenan J, Bennett N, Henderson G & Regier T
96  FTIR Analysis of Irregularly Shaped Apatite Specimens
Tacker C, Lawver D, Douglas K & Vance Z
97  Formation Mechanism for the Lanthanide Tetrad Effect in a Topaz- and Amazonite-Bearing Leucogranite Pluton from Xinjiang, NW China
Wu C-Z, Liu S-H, Gu L-X, Zhang Z-Z & Lei R-X
98  Primary Halo Anomalies and Prospecting in No.77 Exploration Line of Dashui Deposit in Maqu, Gansu, China
Zhang JS, Peng XH, Song H, Yang H, Qing CS, Li WJ, Xu B, Deng XT, Deng YW & Shi Q
99  Characteristic of Tourmaline in Xiazhuang Uranium Ore-Field, South China
Zhang Z, Jiang Z & Guo G