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(2009) Invited: Preservation Under the Río Tinto Extreme Acidic Conditions and a Potential Location on Aram Chaos, Mars  
Fernández-Remolar D, Johnson E, Clelan T, Lichtenberg K, Menor-Salvan C, Schweitzer M, Amils R, Parro V & Arvidson R

(2008) Biomarkers Preserved in Fluid Inclusions in Quartz from the Berbes Fluorite Deposit (N Spain)  
Menor-Salván C, Tornos F, Ruiz-Bermejo M, Fernández-Remolar D & Amils R

(2008) Critical Influence of Biogenic Sulfur in the Genesis of Giant VHMS, Iberian Pyrite Belt  
Fernández-Remolar D, Menor-Salván C, Ruíz-Bermejo M, Amils R & Fernando T

(2008) Precipitation of Subsurface Carbonates Under Acidic Surface Conditions on Mars: A Terrestrial Perspective  
Fernández-Remolar D, Amils R, Prieto-Ballesteros O, Gómez-Ortíz D & Gómez F