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Program for Session 10e

Tuesday 23rd June AM: Room ICE

10e (Poster): Large-Scale Tectonic Controls on Fertility of Magmatic Suites for Ore Genesis

91  Cenozoic Gold Metallogenesis in Yunnan Province, Southwestern China
Deng J, Yang L, Zhang J & Li N
92  Exploration of the Shaxi Porphyry Deposit in Anhui: Its Tectonic Environment for Metallogenesis
Gao C, Chi Y & Zhang Q
93  Geochemical Characteristics of Podiform Chromite Ores from the Ultramafic Massif of Karadağ (Northeastern Ophiolitic Belt, Turkey)
Kadayifçi H & Kolayli H
94  Au-Ag±W Mineralization Related to the Collisional Granitoids of the Composite Lutzkan Magmatic Complex, Bulgaria
Peytcheva I, von Quadt A, Dyulgerov M & Nedialkov R
95  The H, O Isotopic Characteristics and Mineralization Age of the Baishan Molybdenum Deposit in Eastern Tianshan
Zhang D, Zhou T, Yuan F & Fan Y

Friday 26th June AM: Room C1/S2

10e (Oral): Large-Scale Tectonic Controls on Fertility of Magmatic Suites for Ore Genesis
Session chaired by Jim Mungall & Steve Barnes

09:30  Invited: The Role of Magma “Fertility” in the Formation of Magmatic Sulfide Deposits
Arndt N
09:45  Invited: Komatiite Magmas and Nickel Sulfide Deposits: A Comparison of Variably Endowed Terranes
Barnes S, Lesher M, Burnham M & Fiorentini M
10:00  Genesis of Fe- and Ni-Rich Intraplate Magmas Related to Ni Deposits
Mungall J
10:15  Tectonostratigraphic Controls on the Localization of Archaean Komatiite-Hosted Nickel-Sulphide Deposits and Camps in the Yilgarn Craton
Thebaud N, Fiorentini M, McCuaig C, Miller J, Barnes S, Joly A & Doublier M
10:30  Long Duration and Multiphase Plume Basic Magmatism with PGE and Cu-Ni Ores for the Paleoproterozoic Baltic Shield
Bayanova T, Mitrofanov F & Korchagin A
10:45  Invited: Origins of the Magmas Parental to the Chromitites
Mondal SK
11:00  Invited: A Review of the Main Controls on Ore-Forming Carbonatitic Magmas
Wall F
11:15  Invited: Post-Subduction Porphyry and Epithermal Au Deposits
Richards J
11:30  The Association of Adakite with Cu (Au) Deposits
Ling M, Sun W, Chung S-L & Yang X
11:45  Invited: The Source of Copper, Gold and Molybdenum in Giant Porphyry-Type Ore Deposits from Western North America
Pettke T, Oberli F & Heinrich CA
12:00  Deeper Geochemical Control to the Distribution of W and Sn Deposits in Nanling Range, South China
Hua R
12:15  Invited: Silicate and Salt (Li, Na, F) Melts of of the Dzarta Khuduk Rare-Metal Occurrence (Central Mongolia)
Andreeva I & Kovalenko V