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Goldschmidt2009 Exhibition

The Exhibition will be held over three floors in the Congress Centre, Davos, amongst the scientific sessions. Delegates will be able to browse exhibition booths each day of the Conference. Daily refreshments are served for the delegates in each of the Exhibition spaces.

Confirmed Exhibitors

The following companies will be exhibiting at Goldschmidt2009. This list will be updated as exhibitors confirm their attendance.

Activation Laboratories Ltd

Analab - AHF
Our goal is to provide you with simple, reliable, and powerful acid-inert apparatuses to prepare your samples and reagents to make the best analyses in trace and ultra trace elements. The dimensions of our apparatuses are easily integrated into your laboratory and adaptable to your workspace.

Cambridge University Press

CAMECA is the pioneer and world leader in Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer (SIMS), Electron Probe MicroAnalyser (EPMA) and Tomographic Atom Probe (TAP). Our instruments deliver the most precise and accurate elemental and isotopic microanalyses, with applications in mineralogy, geology, geochronology, geo & cosmochemistry, environmental studies, but also microbiology, materials...

EPOND is a Swiss company that manufactures and supplies equipment for the laboratory, particularly sample introduction components and systems for ICP-OES and ICP-MS instruments. EPOND will present the latest innovations by ESI for attaining the ultimate ICP performance.

European Association of Geochemistry

Geochemical Society

Geochemical Society of Japan

GEOROC and GEOREM Databases - MPI fuer Chemie Mainz
GEOROC provides (1) published geochemical data for volcanic whole rocks, glasses, minerals and inclusions, (2) data from ocean islands, large igneous provinces, convergent margins, Archean greenstone belts, rift and intraplate volcanic settings, and (3) 320,000 analyses, almost 5,000,000 single analytical values, and 7500 papers. GeoReM provides (1) reference materials from rock powders, glasses, minerals, isotopic standards, river water, seawater, and biological samples, (2) published analytical and compilation data (major and trace element concentrations, radiogenic and stable isotope ratios), (3) more than 1700 reference materials, 15,500 analyses, and 2700 papers, and (4) more than 70% of recent publications (2000 – 2007).

HORIBA Jobin Yvon GmbH

IsotopX Limited
IsotopX design and manufacture Thermal Ionisation Mass Spectrometers. We also proudly support all previous generations of TIMS produced by the VG, Micromass, GV group of companies. The current IsoProbe-T mass spectrometer features an advanced multicollector for multiple ion counting as well as Faraday detection applications.

JEOL (Germany) GmbH

Leica Microsystems

Nu Instruments
Nu Instruments design and manufacture a range of mass spectrometers (noble gas, HR- ICP, MC- ICP and stable isotope) and accessories. The company draws upon the experience of highly skilled engineers, scientists, designers and production staff. For over 10 years Nu Instruments has produced technically advanced and highly reliable, instruments that work.

Oxford University Press


Manufactures the RESOlution Series next generation 193nm excimer laser ablation tool for ICP-MS. It incorporates the features shown to be desirable for microanalysis of solid samples during extensive analytical programs over many years - minimal fractionation, rapid response with a stable signal, variable spot size and shape, a wide selectable range of laser fluences on the target, and comprehensive intuitive computer control of all functions.

Savillex Corporation has been manufacturing PFA labware products for over 30 years. We currently offer over one thousand products including: vials, digestion vessels, syringes, inline filters, jars, impingers, sub-boiling stills and various transfer containers. In addition, we offer a full line of PFA sample introduction systems and have the capability to custom mold products to meet the specific requirements of our customers.

Selective liberation of minerals along grain boundaries - that's our job. selFrag AG offers HV pulsed power instruments for new dimensions in sample preparation. To overcome the bottleneck of sample preparation selFrag and Australian Scientific Instruments (ASI) have implemented a dedicated team to provide better performance for more reliable data analysis. Visit selFrag and ASI at the Goldschmidt exhibition. Experience the performance of selFrag at our onsite demonstration, and run a SHRIMP IIe via the web. Contact

spectromat GmbH


Thermo Fisher Scientific

Wiley - Blackwell

Exhibitors and Sponsors

The Exhibition Manual is now available to download. This details booth spaces and all the other information exhibitors need to prepare for the Exhibition. This is the latest version prepared on 18 May 2009.

The Exhibition and Sponsorship Prospectus is available to download (with updated ex-VAT prices). The Prospectus provides detailed information about the unique promotional opportunities available at the conference, and includes booking forms. The Exhibition is currently fully booked, but do contact us to check if any booth spaces have opened up, or if you are interested in advertising in the program volume or by email circular.