Sustainability at Goldschmidt2008

Seedling The City of Vancouver has set a goal to be the cleanest, greenest, healthiest city in the world. Vancouver, and in turn the University of British Columbia, are dedicated to climate protection, green architecture, active transportation, sustainable systems and bringing sustainability to all aspects of running and building the city and campus.

UBC is Canada’s leader in campus sustainability. It is Canada’s first university to develop a sustainable development policy, and the first to open a campus sustainability office. UBC, as Canada's largest campus energy retrofit, cuts its energy costs by $2 million every year. It also saves 15,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions, reduces water use by 30 percent and decreases energy use by 20 percent annually.

Sustainability is not only important to residents and businesses, but to visitors to Vancouver and UBC as well. UBC has pledged to make sustainability the foundation for campus operations, research and teaching. UBC’s sustainability vision is to earn the respect of future generations for the social, ecological and economic legacy we create. As conference organizers, UBC is encouraging us to factor ecological, social and economic consequences into our planning and execution of Goldschmidt2008. The organizing committee for Goldschmidt2008 is committed to working with and towards the environmental initiatives of Vancouver and UBC, and we invite you to assist in not only making your visit to Vancouver and UBC sustainable, but to contribute to the overall environmental initiatives of Vancouver and UBC.

Offsetters is a Vancouver-based company that is dedicated to promoting sustainability through climate neutral living and travel. See Offsetters' website to learn how to easily and effectively make an environmental impact in your planning for and participation in Goldschmidt.

The City of Vancouver offers visitors ideas for sustainable activities and transportation. See their website for ideas for green tourism practices while in Vancouver.