Program for Session 09a

Thursday 17th July AM: Room H4

09a (Oral): Light element isotope insights into arc magmatism and mantle dynamics Download PDF
Session chaired by Jeff Ryan & Yuji Sano

10:00  Oxygen Isotope Evidence for Slab-Derived Silicate Melt in Lau Basin Back-Arc Lavas
Bonifacie M, Eiler J, Stolper E, B├ęzos A, Michael P & Langmuir C
10:15  Chlorine Isotope Systematics of a Back-Arc Spreading System
Layne G, Kent A & Bach W
10:30  Variable H and O Isotopes in Tongan Basaltic Glasses: Source or Degassing?
Dale CW, Macpherson CG, Boyce AJ, Nowell GM, Pearson DG & Arculus RJ
10:45  Behaviour of Noble Gases during Dehydration Processes in the Subducting Oceanic Crust
Matsumoto T, Okube M, Arima H, Matsuda J-I & Ito E
11:00  Keynote: Light Elements in Subduction Zones: Perspective from Volatiles
Fischer T, Hilton D, Shaw A, Sharp Z, Barnes J & Hauri E
11:30  Li and Mg Isotopes in the Mantle: Heterogeneity or Diffusion?
Pogge von Strandmann P, Elliott T, Ionov D & Niu Y
11:45  Li and Mg Exchange between Eclogite Lenses and their Host Rocks: Evidence from Isotope Profiles
Marschall H & Pogge von Strandmann P
12:00  Li Isotopes in HP-Lt Rocks: Insights into the Role of Sediment-Derived Fluids
Simons KK, Harlow GE, Brueckner HK, Goldstein SL, Sorensen SS, Hemming NG & Langmuir CH
12:15  Li and B Isotopes as Tracers for Crust/mantle vs. Slab Influences in Western Mexico
Ryan J, Savov I & Shirey S

Thursday 17th July PM: Room SRC

09a (Poster): Light element isotope insights into arc magmatism and mantle dynamics Download PDF

110  Cross-Arc Element Mobility and Prograde Subduction Metamorphism at the Kurile Convergent Margin
Dreyer B & Morris J
**111  Are Subduction Zones Dry Below 400 km?
Green H
112  Helium Isotope Ratios in Northeastern Japan and their Comparison with the Seismological Data
Horiguchi K, Takahata N, Sano Y, Ueki S, Okada T, Nakajima J & Hasegawa A
113  Subduction Influence of Philippine Sea Plate on the Mantle beneath Kyushu, SW Japan: An Examination of Boron Contents in Basaltic Rocks
Miyoshi M, Shimono M, Hasenaka T, Fukuoka T & Sano T
114  High 3He Emanation Observed in a Forearc Region and Seismic Tomography in SW Japan
Sano Y, Kameda A, Takahata N, Yamamoto J & Nakajima J