Program for Session 07a

Thursday 17th July AM: Room H6

07a (Oral): Deep-mantle chemistry Download PDF
Session chaired by James Badro & Yingwei Fei

10:00  Invited: How Much Heat and REE in Calcium Silicate Perovskite?
Corgne A & Wood B
10:15  Oxygen Fugacity Profile in the Earth’s Lower Mantle
Campbell AJ
10:30  Diffusion of Trivalent Cations in MgO: Implications for Diffusion in Earth's Lower Mantle
Crispin K & Van Orman J
**10:45  A Computational and Experimental Study of (Fe2+,Mg)SiO3 Perovskite at Lower Mantle Conditions
Caracas R, Dubrovinsky L, McCammon C, Kantor I & Narygina O
11:00  Invited: Obtaining DNimet/sil in the LHDAC
Cottrell E, Fei Y, Ricolleau A & Prakapenka V
11:15  Effects of Spin Crossover on Iron Partitioning in Deep Earth
Li J, Gao L, Chen B, Alp E, Zhao J & Hirose K
11:30  New Constraints on the Pyrolitic Model Under Lower Mantle Conditions
Ricolleau A, Fei Y, Cottrell E, Watson H, Zhang L, Fiquet G, Auzende A-L, Roskosz M, Morard G & Prakapenka V
11:45  Keynote: Chemical Reactions and Element Partitioning at the Core-Mantle Boundary
Ohtani E
**12:15  Electrical Conductivity of MgO at High Pressure and High Temperature
Zhang B, Wu X, Xu J & Katsura T