Program for Session 01d

Thursday 17th July AM: Room H2

01d (Oral): Early planetary differentiation timescales Download PDF
Session chaired by Alan Brandon & Thorsten Kleine

**10:00  Keynote: Planetary Differentiation Timescales: Insights from Physics and Chemistry
Nimmo F
10:30  Hafnium-Tungsten Chronometry of the Eucrite Parent Body
Touboul M, Kleine T, Aciego S & Bourdon B
10:45  High-Precision 26Al-26Mg Dating of Early Planetesimal Magmatism
Schiller M, Baker JA & Bizzarro M
11:00  Invited: The Timing of the Earth’s Accretion and Volatile Loss: The Pd-Ag View
Schonbachler M, Carlson R, Horan M, Mock T & Hauri E
11:15  Invited: The Lu-Hf System and the Timing of Early Planetary Differentiation
Scherer E
11:30  The Controversy on the Bulk Sm/Nd of the Moon
Brandon A

Thursday 17th July PM: Room SRC

01d (Poster): Early planetary differentiation timescales Download PDF

Olivine Morphology and the Origin of Main Group Pallasites
Kissin S
10  Hafnium-Tungsten Chronometry of Lunar Differentiation
Kleine T, Touboul M, Bourdon B, Palme H & Wieler R
11  182Hf-182W Chronometry for Diogenites: Implications for the Evolution of the HED Parent Body
Lee D-C
12  187Re-187Os Isotopic and Highly Siderophile Element (HSE) Systematics of Pallasites
Lee SR, Walker RJ, McCoy TJ & McDonough WF
13  Molybdenum Concentrations in Chondrites, Stony and Iron Meteorites
Neuheimer E, Wieser M & DeLaeter J
14  Is the Hf Isotope Composition of the Bulk Silicate Earth Chondritic?
Sprung P, Scherer E, Mezger K & Bischoff A
15  97Mo Isotope Abundance Enrichments in Selected Iron Meteorites
Wieser ME & De Laeter J