Program for Session 01f

Thursday 17th July PM: Room SRC

01f (Poster): Lunar Geochemistry and Chronology Download PDF

23  Using Composition to Assess Pairing Relationships Among Lunaites
Korotev R
**24  Evolution of Planet-Satellite System due to Accumulation of Dispersed Material from Protoplanet Cloud
Krivtsov A, Galimov E & Vasilyev S
25  Ar-Ar Ages for Lunar Basalt Meteorites: A 881757, Y 793169, MIL 05035, LAP 02205, NWA479 and EET 96008
Morris A, Fernandes V & Burgess R
**27  3He Distribution on the Moon
Zheng Y, Ouyang Z & Blewett D

Friday 18th July PM: Room H2

01f (Oral): Lunar Geochemistry and Chronology Download PDF
Session chaired by Vera Fernandes & Randy Korotev

14:00  Formation of the Lunar Magma Ocean Constrained from High Field Strength Element Systematics in Lunar Rocks
Munker C
14:15  Early Lunar Magnetic Fields Recorded Before the Late Heavy Bombardment
Garrick-Bethell I, Weiss B, Shuster D, Fernandes V & Becker T
14:30  Invited: Compositional and Geochronological Constraints on the Lunar Cataclysm
Cohen B
14:45  Keynote: What we are Learning About the Moon from Lunar Meteorites
Gaffney A & Borg L
15:15  Preliminary Ar-Ar Studies of Lunar Basaltic Meteorite Dhofar 287-A
Fernandes V, Becker T, Renne P & Burgess R
15:30  Age and Origin of Apollo 16 Feldspathic Fragmental Breccias
Norman M & Duncan R
15:45  Evidence for an Earth-Moon Impact Event 800 Ma ago
Zellner N, Delano J & Swindle T
16:00  Impactor Metal in Gabbroic Lunar Meteorite Northwest Africa 5000
Humayun M & Irving A
16:15  Invited: Determination of Sr Concentrations in Lunar Plagioclase by Electron Microprobe Analysis
Zeigler R, Jolliff B, Korotev R & Carpenter P