Program for Session 17f

Thursday 17th July PM: Room SRC

17f (Poster): Geochemical tracers of past ocean circulation Download PDF

234  Neodymium Boundary Exchange in Two North East Atlantic Water Profiles
Carter P, Vance D & Schmidt D
**235  Overturn of Anoxic Deep Ocean Happened at ~551 Ma – Evidences from Isotopes and Trace Elements
Chu X, Huang J & Zhang T
236  Nd and Pb Isotopic Signatures of Detrital Fractions from Labrador Sea and Iceland Basin Sediments: Deep Oceanic Circulation Changes over the Holocene
Fagel N, Brasseur R, Mattielli N, Stevenson R & Hillaire-Marcel C
237  Strontium Isotopes in Detrital Sediments Constrain the Glacial Position of the Agulhas Retroflection
Franzese A, Hemming S & Goldstein S
238  Early to Middle Eocene Arctic Paleoceanography from Nd-Sr Isotope Study of Fossil Fish Debris, Lomonosov Ridge
Gleason J, Thomas D, Moore T, Blum J, Owen R & Haley B
239  231Pa/230Th in the Argentine Basin as a Tracer of Past Southern-Source Water-Mass Flow
Hickey B, Thomas A, Rae J, Mulitza S, Chiessi C & Henderson G
240  Display Sedimentary 231Pa/230Th Ratios the Strength of Atlantic Deep Water Circulation? – An Approach for the Past 30,000 Years
Lippold J, Christl M, Gruetzner J, Lahaye Y, Winter D & Mangini A
241  Sediment 231Pa/230Th as a Recorder of the Rate of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning: Insights from a Simple 2-D Model
Luo Y, Francois R & Allen SE
242  A Core-Top Survey of Neodymium Isotope Ratios in the South Atlantic
Pahnke K, Goldstein SL & Hemming SR
243  Neodymium Isotopic Reconstruction of Past North Atlantic Surface and Deep Water Compositions
Scrivner A, Piotrowski A, Elmore A & Wright J

Friday 18th July AM: Room W2

17f (Oral): Geochemical tracers of past ocean circulation Download PDF
Session chaired by Allison Franzese & Alexander Piotrowski

11:15  Keynote: Tracing Past Ocean Circulation with Radiogenic and Radioactive Isotopes
Frank M
11:45  Application of an Inverse Method to Interpret 231Pa/230Th Observations from Marine Sediments
Burke A, Marchal O & McManus J
12:00  Glacial-Interglacial Circulation Changes Inferred from Sediment 231Pa/230Th in the North Atlantic
Gherardi J, Francois R, Labeyrie L, Nave S, McManus J, Cortijo E & Jaccard S
12:15  Precise Calibration of Oxygen Isotope Paleotemperature Equations for Several Taxa of Benthic Foraminifera
Marchitto T, Bryan S, Curry W, Lynch-Stieglitz J & Lund D

Friday 18th July PM: Room W2

17f (Oral): Geochemical tracers of past ocean circulation Download PDF
Session chaired by Allison Franzese & Alexander Piotrowski

14:00  A Search for the Glacial Age 14C Depleted Ocean Reservoir
Barker S, Broecker W & Clark E
14:15  Evolution of Deglacial North Pacific Abyssal Circulation Based on Δ14C, δ13Cbenthic and 231Pa/230Th
Jaccard S, Galbraith E, Francois R, Brunelle B, Sigman D & Haug G
14:30  Reconstructing Intermediate Watermass Variability in the Southeast Pacific during the Past ~30ka: A Multi-Proxy Study
Muratli J, Chase Z, Mix A & McManus J
14:45  Antarctic Circumpolar Current Nd Isotope Variability Recorded in Amundsen Sea Deep Sea Corals
Hoffmann DL, Gutjahr M, Vance D & Hillenbrand C-D
15:00  Quantifying Late Quaternary Changes in MOC Intensity from Circum-Antarctic Nd Isotopes
Goldstein SL, Zylberberg D, Pahnke K, Hemming SR & van de Flierdt T
15:15  Indian Ocean Circulation and Productivity during the Last Glacial Cycle
Piotrowski A, Banakar V, Scrivner A & Elderfield H
15:30  Invited: Multi-Proxy Reconstruction of Surface Water pCO2 in the Northern Arabian Sea Since 29 ka
Palmer M, Brummer G-J, Cooper MJ, Elderfield H, Greaves M, Reichart G-J, Schouten S & Yu J-M
15:45  Stable Isotopic Tracers for Variations in Surface and Deep Water Circulation in the North Atlantic Since ~ 13 ka
Elmore A, Wright J & Henderson S
16:00  Invited: Ice Sheet Regulation of Weathering Fluxes during the Eocene Oligocene Transition
Scher H & Delaney M
16:15  Ventilation of the Arctic Ocean Since the Miocene: Osmium Evidence
Poirier A & Hillaire-Marcel C