Program for Session 18a

Tuesday 15th July PM: Room SRC

18a (Poster): Application of metal stable isotope systems in environmental biogeochemistry Download PDF

205  Experiments Demonstrate that Uranium Isotopes Fractionate during Adsorption to Mn-Oxides
Brennecka G, Wasylenki L, Weyer S & Anbar A
206  Multi-Isotopic (Zn, Cu) Approach for Anthropogenic Contamination of Suspended Sediments of the Seine River, France
Chen J-B, Gaillardet J & Louvat P
207  Zinc Isotopes in Polluted Substrates
Couder E, Delvaux B, Maerschalk C & Mattielli N
208  A Novel Technique for Species-Specific Hg Isotope Ratio Measurements Using Hg-Thiourea Complex Ion Chromatography
Dzurko M & Hintelmann H
209  Iron Isotope Fractionation during Fe(II) Oxidation and Precipitation of Iron in Acid Mine Drainage (Carnoulès Mine, France)
Egal M, Casiot C & Elbaz-Poulichet F
**210  Mercury Isotopic Ratios of Soil and Sediment Samples Collected from Contaminated Areas in China
Feng X, Foucher D, Hintelmann H, Qiu G, Li G, Yan H & He T
211  Fe Isotope Composition of Seston from Canadian Lakes: Implications for Fe Chemistry and Bioavailability
Hassan N, Molot L, Xie Q & Dillon P
212  Calcium Isotope Variations at the Damma Glacier, Switzerland
Hindshaw R, Reynolds B, Bourdon B, Wiederhold J & Kretzschmar R
213  Zn Isotopes as Tracers of Atmospheric Emissions from a Pb-Zn Smelter
Mattielli N, Flament P, Deboudt K, Petit JCJ, Perdrix E, Sivry Y & Weis D
**214  Does Iron Dissociation from Siderophores Lead to Iron Isotope Fractionation?
Nuester J, Liermann L, Wasylenki L, Anbar A & Brantley S
215  Mass-Dependent Isotopic Fractionation of Sr in Geochemical Samples by MC-ICP-MS
Ohno T, Wakabayashi T & Hirata T
216  Localisation and Extent of Zn Isotopic Fractionation in Higher Plants
Pichat S & Oger P
217  Tracing Zn Biogeochemical Cycle Using the δ68/66Zn of the Coccolithophore Emiliania huxleyi
Pisapia C, Pichat S & Oger P
218  Stable Calcium Isotope Ratios (δ44/42Ca) in Bones and Teeth for the Detection of Dairying by Ancient Humans
Reynard L, Hedges R & Henderson G
219  Selenium Isotopes: A New Oceanic Paleoredox Proxy?
Shore A, Jenkin G & Johnson T
220  Variation of Hg Isotope Ratios between Cinnabar and its Resulting Calcines by Multicollector ICP-MS with Standard Sample Bracket Correction
Stetson SJ, Gray J, Ridley WI, Wanty RB, Pribil M, Wolf RE & Macalady D
**221  Selenium Isotope Variations in Weathering Zones of Se-Rich Carbonaceous Rocks at Yutangba, China
Zhu J, Johnson TM & Clark SK

Thursday 17th July AM: Room L1

18a (Oral): Application of metal stable isotope systems in environmental biogeochemistry Download PDF
Session chaired by Bridget Bergquist & Tom Johnson

10:00  Keynote: Sources and Biogeochemical Cycling of Iron Isotopes in Marine Environments
Rouxel O
10:30  Thallium Isotope Constraints on Early Cenozoic Climate Change
Rehkamper M, Baker R, Nielsen SG, Hinkley TK & Toutain JP
10:45  Invited: When Does Metal Adsorption Cause Isotopes to Apportion?
Wasylenki L, Weeks C, Spiro T, Bargar J & Anbar A
11:00  Light Mo Isotopic Signatures in Chesapeake Bay Sediments
Scheiderich K, Dolor M, Helz G, Walker R & Kaufman AJ
11:15  Sourcing Metals in Bivalves Using Combined Pb, Zn and Cd Isotopic Compositions
Shiel AE, Orians KJ, Cossa D & Weis D
11:30  Zn Stable Isotope Variability up the Kruger Park Trophic Chain
Balter V, Moynier F, Pichat S, Pons M-L, Thackeray F & Albarède F
11:45  Cu and Zn Isotopic Changes from 1972 to Present in the Scheldt Estuary
Petit JCJ, Taillez A, Chou L & Mattielli N
12:00  Copper Isotopic Fractionation in Acid Mine Drainage
Kimball B, Mathur R, Dohnalkova A & Brantley S
12:15  Fractionation of Copper Isotopes in Plants
Jouvin D, Louvat P, Maréchal C & Benedetti M

Thursday 17th July PM: Room L1

18a (Oral): Application of metal stable isotope systems in environmental biogeochemistry Download PDF
Session chaired by Bridget Bergquist & Tom Johnson

14:00  Rhenium Isotopes in Natural Systems
Miller CA, Peucker-Ehrenbrink B & Ball L
14:15  Cr Isotopes Reveal Progress of Natural Reduction of Contaminant Cr(VI) in a Groundwater System
Johnson T & Berna E
14:30  Chromium Mobilization from the Unsaturated Zone
Izbicki J, Kulp T, Bullen T, Ball J & O'Leary D
14:45  Invited: Hg Isotope Fractionation in Sediment Cores
Hintelmann H, Foucher D, Telmer K, Zheng J & Yamada M
15:00  Isotopic Evidence for Changing Sources of Mercury to the Arctic
Biswas A, Blum J, Lammers A & Douglas T
15:15  Mercury Isotopes Fractionation in the Alaskan Marine Environment along an Arctic/subArctic Transect
Point D, Day R, Sonke J, Vanderpol S, Donard O, Simac K, Moors A, Pugh R & Becker P
15:30  Hg Isotopes in Contaminated Soils
Wiederhold JG, Bourdon B & Kretzschmar R
15:45  Isotope Fractionation of Hg during Volatilization and Photoreduction in Freshwater
Zheng W, Foucher D & Hintelmann H
16:00  Mass Dependent Isotope Fractionation of Hg during Biotic Degradation of Methyl-Hg & Reduction of Hg(II)
Kritee K, Blum J & Barkay T
16:15  Mass-Dependent and -independent Fractionation of Hg Isotopes in Lakes: Effects of Smelter Emissions and pH
Jackson TA, Telmer KH & Muir DCG