Program for Session 20i

Thursday 17th July AM: Room W3

20i (Oral): Applications of neutron scattering in geochemistry and mineralogy Download PDF
Session chaired by David Cole & Nancy Ross

10:00  Keynote: Why Neutron Scattering Should be in the Geoscientist’s Toolbox
Chakoumakos B
10:30  Crystallinity and Grain Contact Mechanics – Neutron TOF Scattering in Sandstones
Darling T, TenCate J, Proffen T & Vogel S
10:45  A New Approach to Quantification of Metamorphism Using Ultra-Small and Small Angle Neutron Scattering
Anovitz L, Lynn G, Cole D, Rother G, Allard L, Hamilton W, Porcar L & Kim M-H
11:00  Evolution of Micro-Porosity during Basalt Weathering
Navarre-Sitchler A, Cole D, Rother G & Brantley S
11:15  Characterization of Simple Fluids Under Confinement and at Free Interfaces Using Neutron Scattering Techniques
Rother G, Cole DR, Chialvo AA & Littrell KC
11:30  Quasielastic Neutron Scattering Coupled with Classical Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Water Diffusion at Metal Oxide Surfaces
Wesolowski D, Mamontov E, Vlcek L, Wang W, Cummings P, Rosenqvist J, Anovitz L & Cole D
11:45  An Inelastic Neutron Scattering Study of Adsorbed Water on Rutile and Cassiterite Nanoparticles
Levchenko A, Navrotsky A, Ross N, Spencer E, Kolesnikov A, Wesolowski D, Cole D, Mamontov E, Boerio-Goates J & Woodfield B
12:00  Librational Dynamics of Nano-Confined Water: Neutron Spectroscopy and Molecular Dynamics Computer Simulations for Hydrocalumite
Kalinichev A, Faraone A, Udovic T, Kolesnikov A, de Souza N, Reinholdt M & Kirkpartick RJ
12:15  Dynamics of Water in Aqueous Solutions Confined in Silica Matrices Determined from Neutron Scattering
Cole D, Mamontov E, Dai S, Pawel M, Liang C, Jenkins T, Gasparovic G, Kintzel E, Vlcek L & Cummings P