Conference Overview for Thursday 17th July AM

The table below shows who is speaking at what time in each of the rooms. Hovering over a name will display the title of the talk, and clicking on a name will take you to the complete listing for that session.

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Room: H1 H2 H4 H5 H6 L1 L2 L3
Session: 04a 01d / 01b 09a 10b 07a 18a 18g 18e
10:00 Bhaskar Rao Nimmo Bonifacie Ito Corgne Rouxel Schwark Blowes
10:15 Kirchenbaur Layne Campbell Engelbrecht
10:30 Kamber Touboul Dale Kent Crispin Rehkamper Lyles Ackermann
10:45 Miller Schiller Matsumoto Smith Caracas Wasylenki Banerjee
11:00 Condie Schonbachler Fischer Maclennan Cottrell Scheiderich Flament Chen
11:15 Miskovic Scherer Standish Li Shiel Garrison Paktunc
11:30 Miller Brandon Pogge von Strandmann Kämpf Ricolleau Balter Jacobson Corkhill
11:45 Meyer Marschall Berlo Ohtani Petit Gertler Weisener
12:00 Kay Simons Zhang Kimball Nico Sato
12:15 Tulloch Duprat Ryan Caldeira Wu Jouvin Gupta Majzlan
Room: W1 W2 W3 W4 W5 W6
Session: 20g / 20h 17d 20i 19a 16b 14c
10:00 Lehnert Bar -Matthews Chakoumakos Southam Jacobson Sparks
10:15 Hofmann Woodhead Dittrich
10:30 Maher Darling French Dosseto Criscenti
10:45 Rudge Cheng Anovitz Daughney Andrews Gren
11:00 Wanty Kelly Navarre -Sitchler Lalonde Godderis Spagnoli
11:15 Klemme Stirling Rother Amores von Blanckenburg Loring
11:30 Chauvel McCulloch Wesolowski Borrok Ferrier Mishra
11:45 Konig Thomas Levchenko Dixon Zhang
12:00 Schmidt Kretschmer Kalinichev Nealson Hartshorn Waychunas
12:15 von Quadt McGee Cole Boily