Goldschmidt 2008 - "from Sea to Sky"
July 13 - 18 in Vancouver, Canada

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Thank You!

Printed Program Volume

As I hope you all agree, the Vancouver Goldschmidt meeting was a true success. I would like to take the opportunity here to thank all of you for coming, participating in the meeting and helping making it a success as well as a fun event.

The International Program Committee had established a very stimulating scientific program, covering a large breadth of research interests, from "Sea to Sky", and extremely attractive for the whole of the community. Your participation until the last talks on Friday afternoon confirmed the quality of their work, which provided an outstanding structure for the conference.

A series of pictures taken during the week has been posted on the Goldschmidt website. Cambridge Publications selected a posting format allowing for easy download. Please enjoy!

Thank you!

Dominique Weis
For the Vancouver Goldschmidt team