Goldschmidt2008 Exhibition

Exhibition hall
Exhibition Location:
Student Recreation Centre Gymnasium

Exhibition Hours:
Monday: 9:30-19:00
Tuesday: 9:30-19:00
Wednesday: 9:30-13:00
Thursday: 9:30-19:00
Friday: 9:30-16:30

Sponsors and Exhibitors: The Sponsorship and Exhibition Prospectus provides detailed information about the unique promotional opportunities available at the conference, and booking forms are also available online. The number of exhibit booths is limited; we recommend that interested parties contact the conference organizers as soon as possible. The Exhibition Manual is now available. This includes the move-in/move-out schedule, exhibition hours, booth info, promotions, and exhibition booking and shipping forms.

The following companies will be exhibiting at Goldschmidt2008. Check out their booths in the SRC Gym at lunchtime, during the afternoon poster sessions, or at any of the above times!


Our goal is to provide you with simple, reliable, and powerful acid-inert apparatuses to prepare your samples and reagents to make the best analyses in trace and ultra trace elements. The dimensions of our apparatuses are easily integrated into your laboratory and adaptable to your workspace.

Australian Scientific Instruments

Australian Scientific Instruments manufactures the world-leading SHRIMP IIe Sensitive High Resolution Ion Microprobe, based on the pioneering developments in geological SIMS instrumentation from the Australian National University. The SHRIMP IIe is the preeminent geochemical SIMS instrument, holding the record for the oldest dated rocks (Acasta) and zircons (Jack Hills), and is also a powerful stable isotope instrument. ASI also manufacture the Alphachron automated helium thermochronology instrument, and the High Pressure, High Temperature Test Machine (Paterson Rig).


CAMECA is the pioneer and world leader in Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer (SIMS), Electron Probe MicroAnalyser (EPMA) and Tomographic Atom Probe (TAP). Our instruments deliver the most precise and accurate elemental and isotopic microanalyses, with applications in mineralogy, geology, geochronology, geo & cosmochemistry, environmental studies, but also microbiology, materials...

Canadian Light Source

The Canadian Light Source is a national synchrotron science facility. With innovative industry access and scientists dedicated to promoting industry involvement, this state-of-the-art centre is a valuable tool for research in mining, forestry, oil & gas, air and soil quality, environmental impact assessment and mitigation. Contact us at

CETAC Technologies

CETAC Technologies is a worldwide leader in sample handling and sample introduction technologies for elemental analysis. CETAC provides a comprehensive range of product based solutions for the analysis of elements in samples. We develop, manufacture and market products and services that provide essential solutions to customers around the globe.

Cyberinfrastructure for Geochemistry

Cyberinfrastructure for Geochemistry is an initiative to showcase projects that develop and operate digital data systems, data analysis tools, and collaboration services, applying modern information technologies to empower research and education in geochemistry. This exhibit is jointly organized by Geoinformatics for Geochemistry (operating the PetDB, SedDB, and EarthChem data collections and the System for Earth Sample Registration SESAR), ChemxSeer, and

Eichrom Technologies

Eichrom is a worldwide provider of products in the fields of analytical chemistry and chemical technology. We focus on the development of analytical methodologies that set industry standards for measuring environmental contaminants such as radioactive elements, hazardous metals and dioxins. Our proprietary chemical separation technology delivers results in settings ranging from analytical laboratories to large industrial processes. Eichrom is a recognized technology leader in the fields of radiochemistry and environmental monitoring, geochemistry, medical isotope production and iron control chemistry.


Elsevier brings together the best research tools for the scientific community through a combination of books, journals, major reference works, wall charts and scientific search engines and databases. Top-level journals such as Applied Geochemistry, Chemical Geology, Earth & Planetary Science Letters, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta and Lithos demonstrate the important and exciting research published through Elsevier.

European Association for Geochemistry

The European Association for Geochemistry, a co-organizer of the Goldschmidt meeting invites everyone to stop by and learn more about your society. The EAG is currently driving new initatives including organizing short courses, publications, and promoting scientific funding and job mobility within Europe. You can be a part of these new and exciting European developments. Please visit and share your ideas towards promoting the future of geochemistry.

Geochemical Society

Geochemical Society of Japan


GEOROC provides (1) published geochemical data for volcanic whole rocks, glasses, minerals and inclusions, (2) data from ocean islands, large igneous provinces, convergent margins, Archean greenstone belts, rift and intraplate volcanic settings, and (3) 320,000 analyses, almost 5,000,000 single analytical values, and 7500 papers.

GeoReM provides (1) reference materials from rock powders, glasses, minerals, isotopic standards, river water, seawater, and biological samples, (2) published analytical and compilation data (major and trace element concentrations, radiogenic and stable isotope ratios), (3) more than 1700 reference materials, 15,500 analyses, and 2700 papers, and (4) more than 70% of recent publications (2000 – 2007).

Innov-X Systems

See the Innov-X Alpha Series handheld XRF analyzers, the world's smallest and lightest analyzers for non-destructive alloy analysis, grade verification and Flow Accelerated Corrosion (FAC) inspection. The analyzers eliminate NRC regulations or travel restrictions due to isotopes, since it uses a miniature x-ray tube. It is software based for versatility and ease of use, and powered by a PDA/Pocket PC for simple upgrading at any time. Designed for in-field testing, the Alpha Series can quickly convert to bench-top use, with a large touch screen, or can be integrated into a process system for automated applications.


IsotopX design and manufacture Thermal Ionisation Mass Spectrometers. We also proudly support all previous generations of TIMS produced by the VG, Micromass, GV group of companies. The current IsoProbe-T mass spectrometer features an advanced multicollector for multiple ion counting as well as Faraday detection applications.

Mineralogical Association of Canada

The Mineralogical Association of Canada was incorporated in 1955 to promote and advance the mineral sciences. To this end, it publishes The Canadian Mineralogist, a Special Publication series as well a Short Course Volume Series. Come and check our new titles, Atlas of Migmatites, Pegmatites, Working with Migmatites, and the latest issue of Elements, which we co-publish with 13 other societies.

Mineralogical Society of America

Interested in earth, planetary, industrial, or biologic minerals or mineral-like materials? Visit the Mineralogical Society of America booth about the society and membership. On display and sale are volumes of our journal, American Mineralogist, Elements, monographs, textbooks, and the latest Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry series volumes.

New Wave Research

New Wave Research (NWR) a division of esi, develops and manufactures high-quality laser-based systems for analytical instrumentation industries. NWR line of laser ablation systems is designed with emphasis on superior performance, application flexibility, and operating convenience. The UP- Series Laser Ablation Systems provide flat craters and rage of wavelengths. To continue with the tradition of leading with advanced technology, NWR will be introducing a “Turn Key” Femto Laser Ablation system to meet the advanced demands of analytical instrumentation industries.

NRC Research Press

The NRC-CISTI Research Press has published scholarly journals since 1929. It publishes 16 journals, monographs, conference proceedings, and a growing number of allied publications. Investments in electronic publishing keeps Research Press a cutting-edge provider of full editing and production services to the scientific and technical community worldwide.

Nu Instruments

Nu Instruments design and manufacture a range of mass spectrometers (noble gas, HR- ICP, MC- ICP and stable isotope) and accessories. The company draws upon the experience of highly skilled engineers, scientists, designers and production staff. For over 10 years Nu Instruments has produced technically advanced and highly reliable, instruments that work.

Photon Machines

Photon Machines offers the latest innovations in laser ablation (LA) and fusion systems for ICP-MS, IRMS, noble gas MS and laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS). Featuring the ANALYTE.193 ultra-short pulse length UV excimer laser system, the ANALYTE.198FS, the first commercial sub 200nm femtosecond LA system and the FUSIONS Series with spot-on temperature sensing for 4He/3He thermochronometry and 40Ar/39Ar geochronology. The product of experience, Photon Machines leads in price-performance.

Placer Gold Design

Placer Gold Design is pleased to present our collection of fine jewellery and Canadian gifts at Goldschmidt 2008. Rare natural precious metals and unusual gem material including Kimberlite are featured. This collection is not available in any retail stores. Euros are most welcome.

Plastic Concepts

Savillex Corporation

Savillex Corporation has been manufacturing PFA labware products for over 30 years. We currently offer over one thousand products including: vials, digestion vessels, syringes, inline filters, jars, impingers, sub-boiling stills and various transfer containers. In addition, we offer a full line of PFA sample introduction systems and have the capability to custom mold products to meet the specific requirements of our customers.

SelFrag AG

The selective liberation of minerals along grain boundaries - that's our job. selFrag AG offers state-of-the-art high voltage pulsed power instruments for a new dimension in sample preparation. Compared to the substantial technical advances in analytical equipment, sample preparation strongly lags behind. The selective process of selFrag AG overcomes this and bridges the gap between modern analysis and adequate sample preparation for earth and space sciences. Contact us at

Spectromat GmbH


Springer, one of the leading Geosciences book and journal publishers, offers insightful, sought-after content from the world’s most prestigious scientists. The journals Climate Dynamics, Environmental Geology and Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology and our premier Encyclopedia of Earth Sciences Series are among the program’s highlights.

Thermo Scientific

Varian Canada Inc.

Varian, Inc. is a diversified, global technology leader solving critical challenges and creating breakthrough innovations for science and industry.


Wiley publishes an enormous range of top quality consumer, professional, educational and research material. Wiley-Blackwell, the scientific, technical, medical and scholarly publishing business of John Wiley & Sons, is the leading society publisher and offers libraries peer-reviewed primary research and evidence based medicine across 1250 online journals, books, reference works and databases. For more information, visit