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  Goldschmidt 2007 - "atoms to planets"
August 19 - 24, 2007
Cologne, Germany

  Conference Information

The Goldschmidt Conference is the premier annual meeting in geochemistry. The 17th annual meeting will be held in August 2007 at the University of Cologne in Germany and will be in association with the Annual Meeting of the German Mineralogical Society. This will be the second German Goldschmidt, following the 1996 meeting in Heidelberg.

The conference will begin on Sunday afternoon at 16:00 with registration at the main University Building (the Hauptgebäude) and an Icebreaker party in the Mensa Building. The scientific sessions will start at 08:30 each day with plenary lectures, describing the origin and evolution of the Earth, from its dusty roots to the appearance of life. Scientific sessions go from 10:15 to 12:30 in the morning and from 14:00 up to 17:30 in the afternoon. Poster sessions will be held on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 17:30 to 21:00. On Wednesday afternoon there will be a panel discussion on CO2 sequestration. The discussion will be in German but simultaneous translation will be available. Alternatively, this is a time when delegates could visit the city or the surrounding district. In the evening the conference dinner will be served in the Gürzenich, the traditional ballroom and reception hall of the City Council. The conference will end on Friday at 17:00.

More than 2300 abstracts have been submitted to the 100 Special and General Symposia, making Goldschmidt 2007 the largest geochemistry conference ever. The symposia cover the full range of geochemical research, from the formation of the solar system to environmental research, and from biogeochemistry to mineralogy. Details of these themes, and the names of the members of the International Program Committee responsible for them are given on the Symposia page.

Registration for the conference is now also open, and the deadline for pre-registration is on July 31st. After this date delegates may register on site in Cologne. Field trips and excursions can be booked via the Excursions pages. The deadline for booking for these trips is also 31st July 2007.

Cologne is a great place for a large meeting. Cologne is served by two airports, and is the hub of low-cost flights in the region; it also has excellent rail connections to cities all over Europe. The University is one of the largest in Germany and we have booked central facilities that can accommodate the 2000 or more delegates who we hope will join us next August. Added to this, as the Romans discovered 2000 years ago, this city on the Rhine is a great place to visit. It attracts millions of visitors each year looking to take a vacation in Cologne and explore the city and its region.

As in previous years, the science base of the meeting should make it a cannot-miss event.  Whether you combine the meeting with a vacation or not, we hope you will join us to enjoy Goldschmidt 2007 in Cologne in August. If you have not been to a recent Goldschmidt, simply add your email address to the mailing list via the conference website.

Herbert Palme, Albrecht Hofmann, Carsten Münker, Sumit Chakraborty
for Goldschmidt 2007

Paul Beattie
Cambridge Publications

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