The 15th Annual Goldschmidt Conference: A voyage of discovery


Abstracts and Program CD-ROM

This CD contains PDF files of the abstract and program volumes for the 2005 Goldschmidt conference. PDF files of the full abstract volume or program volume can be opened to allow all the conference publications to be searched for any topic of interest. Alternatively, individual sections of the abstract and program volume can be opened as this will frequently be more convenient.

Conference Program
Goldschmidt 2005 took place over five days, with the middle day (Monday May 23rd) allocated to the plenary session. Links to the program for each of the days is given below, together with a link to the index of authors.

Complete Conference Program
Saturday May 21st
Sunday May 22nd
Monday May 23rd
Tuesday May 24th
Wednesday May 25th.
Program Index

Conference Abstracts
In addition to the plenary lectures, there were 84 special symposia (S01 - S84) and 19 general syposia (G0 - G19). The titles of each of these symposia, together with links to the pdf files of their abtracts are given below. The abstracts are printed in order of presentation (for the oral presentations) followed by the abstracts for the poster presentations in alphabetical order of their first authors. Again, a link to the index of authors is also given.

ABS A1-A919Complete Abstract Volume
PLE A1-A3Plenary Lectures
S01 A4 - A18 Accessory mineral geochemistry I: Igneous petrogenesis and crystal chemistry
S02 A19 - A33 Accessory mineral geochemistry II: Metamorphic petrogenesis and tectonics
S03 A34 - A38 Bridging the technology gap in geomicrobiology: Novel research approaches in extreme environments
S04 A39 - A50 Advances in experimental and theoretical methods for characterization of mineral-fluid interfaces
S05 A51 - A61 Advances in in-situ microanalysis of trace elements
S06 A62 - A75 Apatite: bridging geology, biology, and materials science
S07 A76 - A78 Archaea in the environment: molecular signatures past and present
S08 A79 - A89 A-type granites and related rocks through time
S09 A90 - A111 Basalt geochemistry and mantle dynamics
S10 A112 - A116 Bioirrigation: field-, laboratory- and model- based assessments of the geochemical influence of burrowing macrofauna
S11 A117 - A121 Biomineralization models and mechanisms
S12 A122 - A124 Carbon and gold
S13 A125 - A135 Carbonates - powerful archives for paleooceanographic research - The good the bad and the most confusing
S14 A136 - A146 Cenozoic magmatic evolution of the western U.S.
S15 A147 - A155 Chemistry and physics of igneous processes: feedback relations and the fate of magma
S16 A156 - A158 Computer modeling of reactive-transport in the near-surface environment
S17 A159 - A168 Cosmogenic nuclides and surface process research: new developments and applications
S18 A169 - A181 Diffusion-reaction systems in the earth sciences: new characterization and modeling approaches
S19 A182 - A188 Dissolved organic matter and its interaction with trace metals and organic pollutants in natural waters
S20 A189 - A197 Earth materials and human health
S21 A198 - A201 Energetic considerations for the emergence and proliferation of life in extreme environments
S22 A202 - A208 Forensic geochemistry: current state-of-the-practice
S23 A209 - A221 Fractionation mechanisms in non-traditional stable isotopes
S24 A222 - A233 Geochemical controls on microbial processes
S25 A234 - A245 Geochemical evolution of silicic magma systems
S26 A246 - A251 Geochemical evolution of the Mesozoic continental margin of the
S27 A252 - A256 Geochemical, rheological, and geophysical aspects of deep mantle phase changes
S28 A257 - A261 Geochemical tracers in the atmosphere: Source characterization, transport and paleo reconstructions
S29 A262 - A266 Geochemistry and biogeochemistry of zero-valent metals
S30 A267 - A276 Geochemistry and geochronology of the Cascade volcanic arc
S31 A277 - A282 Geochemistry of gem deposits
S32 A283 - A289Geochronology of mantle samples
S33 A290 - A310 Geochronology of tectonic processes
S34 A311 - A315 Growth and dissolution under stress: pressure solution, replacement, and weathering
S35 A316 - A328 High-precision geochronology, intercalibration, and absolute time-markers in the geologic record and the EARTHTIME project
S36 A329 - A334 Hydrothermal fluids, magmatic volatiles, and surficial metal mobility in platinum-group element (PGE) deposits
S37 A335 - A340 Igneous processes and their rates from U-series studies
S38 A341 - A348 In situ ancient biomolecules and their isotopic signals: Clarkia and beyond
S39 A349 - A355 Interaction along mineral grain boundaries: Diffusion, mass transfer, and the role of fluids
S40 A356 - A371 Interfacial biogeochemical processes
S41 A372 - A381 Isotopic ratio measurement using microbeam methods: Where do we stand and where are we going?
S42 A382 - A398 Isotopic records of early planetary evolution
S43 A399 - A407 Kinetics and metamorphic processes: A session in honor of the Dana Medalist Bill Carlson
S44 A408 - A430 Lifetime predictions of toxic and radioactive waste disposal and remediation schemes: Thermochemical data, theoretical models and reaction transport codes
S45 A431 - A440 Mantle heterogeneity, past and present
S46 A441 - A442 Marine geochemical records of glacial events
S47 A443 - A451 Mass independent isotope variations in the geological record
S48 A452 - A458 Microbial mineral transformations I: Microbial influences on mineral speciation and stability
S49 A459 - A467 Microbial mineral transformations II: Microbially-induced solid phase
S50 A468 - A480 Mineralogy and geochemistry of uranium and transuranic elements
S51 A481 - A497 Mineral surface reactivity
S52 A498 - A503 Molecular and isotopic indicators of petroleum processes from source to trap
S53 A504 - A511 Molecular computer simulations of geological materials and processes
S54 A512 - A522 Nanogeoscience
S55 A523 - A527 Nearly nano-compositional imaging at the sub-micrometer scale using ion beam mass spectrometry to study earth and planetary issues
S56 A528 - A535 New results from the robotic exploration of mars and titan and their implications on planetary environmental conditions and cosmochemistry
S57 A536 - A544 NOM-metal complexation and the mobility of metals
S58 A545 - A553 Novel isotopic methods in tracing paleooceanographic processes
S59 A554 - A564 Organic-inorganic interactions in petroleum hydrocarbon systems
S60 A565 - A574 Ore deposits in their temporal and orogenic framework: new concepts and perspectives
S61 A575 - A583 Oxidation-reduction reactions in marine sediments
S62 A584 - A586 Proteins and minerals: A basis for life-rock interaction
S63 A587 - A590 Recent advances in electron microbeam induced X-ray microanalysis: Instrumentation, hyperspectral data handling, and applications to geochemistry
S64 A591 - A596 Recent developments in microbeam cathodoluminescence with applications to mineralogy
S65 A597 - A601 Soft X-ray spectroscopy and microscopy of transition metal precipitates
S66 A602 - A607 Soils as the first factor in ground-water chemistry
S67 A608 - A629 Speciation of metals and metalloids in the environment: Control by mineral structuresand surface processes
S68 A630 - A647 Subduction zone magmatism and related processes
S69 A648 - A655 Subduction zone metamorphism. 1. Processing of geochemical tracers
S70 A656 - A664 Subduction zone metamorphism. 2. Fluids from the slab to the surface
S71 A665 - A667 Teaching geochemistry
S72 A668 - A677 The bacterial surface and its role as a reactive interface
S73 A678 - A698 The earthÍs weathering engine; coupling chemical weathering with physical erosion, biology, hydrology and climate
S74 A699 - A709 The geochemistry of Mercury
S75 A710 - A722 The halogens and their isotopes in marine and terrestrial aqueous
S76 A723 - A726 The land and oceans as regulators of atmospheric CO2
S77 A727 - A732 The role of optical mineralogy in the 21st century: Research and teaching. Session in honor of Don Bloss and Ray Wilcox
S78 A733 - A471 Vapor as a medium for the transport of metals: implications for ore deposit modeling
S79 A472 - A747 Water in minerals and melts: Influence on magmatic processes and physical properties of the crust and mantle
S80 A748 - A753 Water in the terrestrial planets
S81 A754 - A764 Watershed scale geochemistry
S82 A765 - A775 Mineralogy and geochemistry of acid mine drainage and metalliferous minewastes
S83 A776 - A782Kinetics of water-rock interactions - Bridging time and length scales
S84 A783 - A791 Effects of metasomatism
G01 A792 - A797 Analytical Geochemistry
G02 A798 - A798 Atmospheric Geochemistry
G03 A799 - A802 Biogeochemistry
G04 A803 - A805 Cosmochemistry
G05 A806 - A807 Crystallography
G06 A808 - A809 Crystal Chemistry
G07 A810 - A821 Environmental Geochemistry/Mineralogy
G08 A822 - A828 Experimental Geochemistry/Petrology
G09 A829 - A832 Geochronology
G10 A833 - A835 Geomicrobiology
G11 A836 - A842 Hydrology/hydrogeochemistry
G12 A843 - A851 Hydrothermal Geochemistry
G13 A852 - A858 Igneous Geochemistry
G14 A859 - A869 Isotope Geochemistry
G15 A870 - A871 Low-Temperature Aqueous Geochemistry
G16 A872 - A874 Marine Geochemistry
G17 A875 - A877 Metamorphic Geochemistry
G18 A878 - A884 Mineral deposits
G19 A885 - A886 Organic Geochemistry
Index A887 - A919Index of Authors
The 15th Annual Goldschmidt Conference: A voyage of discovery