Goldschmidt 2002
Oral and Poster Presentations

Oral Presentations

All papers are allocated 15 minutes (including 5 minutes for discussion) unless they are medallist or keynote lectures, most of which have been allocated 30 minutes (including 7 minutes for discussion). The times of the presentations are the same in each of the 10 parallel sessions so that delegates may move between different symposia. Symposium chairs have therefore been requested to ensure that they adhere strictly to this timetable so that delegates are not inconvenienced.

All lecture halls are equipped with two screens, two 36x24 mm slide projectors, two overhead projectors and one beamer plus laptop computer for PowerPoint presentations.

Delegates are asked to complete their "Instructions for Projectionists" form and provide this with their slides and/or CD at the Projection Center. A copy of this form was included in the conference bag, and further copies can be obtained from the Projection Center; it has also been printed on page xiv for your convenience.

PowerPoint Presentations:

Files for PowerPoint presentations need to be on Compact Disk, and the CDs need to be handed in at the Projection Center not later than the evening before the talk is scheduled. Disks should be labelled with name of speaker, symposium code, and day and time of presentation, and also with the name of the file to be used (e.g. Smith.ppt). The computers from which the PowerPoint presentations will be beamed will have PowerPoint 2000 (from Office 2000 professional) installed, running on Windows 2000. Delegates should ensure that their presentations are compatible with this operating system and PowerPoint version. No problems are expected for delegates using versions of Powerpoint before 2000 whose presentations do not include video. Computers in the Internet Corner will be equipped with CD burning software, allowing on-site updates of PowerPoint presentations, if necessary.

All presentation files and CDs will be removed from the computers after each session finishes: any CDs not collected will be destroyed.

Slide Presentations:

Slides should be handed in at the Projection Center together with a completed 'Instructions for Projectionists' form at least 45 minutes before the session starts. However, it is strongly recommended that slides are delivered the day before the talk. Speakers should load slide trays themselves and are asked to check for correct slide orientation on one of the projectors in the Projection Center.

Presentations using only Overheads

Speakers using only overheads are also requested to hand in the "Instructions for Projectionists" form marked accordingly at the Projection Center. Speakers will manage the changing of overheads themselves.

Poster Presentations

There are two groups of poster sessions at Goldschmidt 2002. The first set of posters will be displayed on Sunday and Monday (see pages 23-34) with a general poster session with refreshments sponsored by EPSL Frontiers from 16:30-18:00 on Monday. The second set of posters will be displayed on Thursday and Friday (see pages 57-71) with a general poster session with refreshments sponsored by Science magazine from 16:30-18:00 on Thursday.

Authors will be available to discuss their posters during the general poster sessions, and also during special poster sessions (11:00-12:30 for morning sessions, 13:30-15:00 for afternoon sessions). Posters should be removed at 18:00 on Monday and after 12:00 on Friday.

The posters will take place in the Foyers of Area C and in the Theatre Hall/Foyer of Area A. The positions of the posters can be seen from the maps of the Congress Center (page ii). Each poster board has a unique number attached. The number of the poster board on which each poster should be fixed is given in the programme.

The maximum useable size of the poster boards is 150 cm (width) times 100 cm (height). Posters should be attached to the boards using the double-sided tape which is available from the Helpdesk. No pins or other adhesive method is permitted on the Davos boards.

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